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FREE Training : Learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for Single Sign-On (SSO)

In this post I am going to cover why you should learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM), What to learn in OAM and How you can learn.  I’ll also share link to my FREE  Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11gR2 Mini Course.

In this FREE OAM Mini Training I’ll send 3-4 mails every week over next 4 weeks for you, covering How I started in OAM, what all things you should learn and order in which you should learn. I’ll also share Quizes, Exercises and Frequently asked questions in OAM.

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Learn OAM 11gR2 with Oracle ACE & Author Atul Kumar


First I start with big Why :  Why should you learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM) ?

Security is most important component in business applications for enterprises. With applications accessible from the internet and SSO/Federation integration with cloud applications, more and more companies are implementing Oracle Access Manager and looking for consultants/employees with OAM knowledge.

OAM is Oracle’s recommend Single Sign-On (SSO) and Federation solution, now mandatory in Oracle Fusion Applications.

OAM is still fairly new compared to other skills like DBA or Apps DBA or Java Development, there are not enough skilled OAM resources in market. Getting a Job in OAM is comparatively easy provided you know OAM .

OAM Professionals are usually paid more for number of reasons and this has benefited me personally (I always believe if I can do it then you can too).


Next , What should you learn in OAM ?

There are mainly two category
a) Implementation/Administration/Integration – Architecture, Install, Configuration, Administration, and Integration with Applications
b) Development – developing Authentication Plug-Ins and Custom Login Pages

Note: In my FREE course, I am going to cover a) Implementation, Administration, and Integration.

Like everything else you should start with Concepts & Architecture , followed by Installation & Configuration then Start/Stop (If you are Admin). You should understand where WebGate fits in the picture and why & how to integrated OAM with LDAP Server. You should then integrate OAM with at least one business application (Java like Fusion Middleware/EBS or .NET like Sharepoint) . You also know understand OAM’s Policy Model (Authentication Scheme, Authorization Policies), Session Management etc including Global Logout.

For more Advanced, you should also understand deploying OAM in High Availability (HA) & Disaster Recovery (DR) including Active-Active deployment across Data Centre (Multi Data Centre – MDC).

You can register for this FREE mini course by clicking on image below

Learn OAM 11gR2 with Oracle ACE & Author Atul Kumar


Why I started this FREE Mini Course ?

I launched my signature OAM Course (this is a paid program) last year and since than 100s of students have gone through and got amazing results (I’ll be sharing some of the success stories & testimonials in coming posts or you can check on our private facebook group).

Since I launched my paid OAM program, I receive lot of emails mentioning they want to Join the course but currently are not in position to afford this course (I totally get it) and hence I started a FREE mini course that covers things that you should learn and link of Oracle Documents, my and other good Blog links related to OAM , Videos and My Oracle Support Notes .


Finally What is difference between FREE mini course and Paid OAM Course ?

Well both my FREE and PAID OAM courses provide immense value, FREE is set of 20+ emails covering link of documents and key points in order you should learn Oracle Access Manager . Paid program is very comprehensive step by learning with 12 Modules, 60+ Video Lessons , 50+ Hands-On Lab Exercises , Dedicated Machine to Practice, Live Interactive Session, FREE re-take of sessions over next 1 Year and life time access to videos and recording of live sessions on our K21 Academy Learning Portal


You can register for my FREE mini course by clicking on image below (If you have not yet done so)


Learn OAM 11gR2 with Oracle ACE & Author Atul Kumar


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Anthony says May 16, 2016

Please, would like to know if i need any basic knowledge of Oracle DBMS OR Programming before i can learn this Oracle Access Manager Course

    Atul Kumar says May 17, 2016

    Hi Anthony, No there is no DBMS or programming knowledge required to learn OAM . It’s all configuration .

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