How to create new realm in OID 11g?

I have had the opportunity to create a new realm in OID 11g and in this post I would like to provide the steps to achieve this.

    1. Export the ORACLE_HOME environment variable.
    2. Run the ldapsearch command to list the existing default subscriber. $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ldapsearch -h ldap_host -p port -D cn=orcladmin -w password -b “cn=common, cn=oraclecontext”-s base “objectclass=*” orcldefaultsubscriber
    3. The results would be like as shown below


    1. In our case the default realm is dc=oracle,dc=com
    2. Goto $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin
    3. Run oidrealm command as shown below to create a new realm. Enter the OID Admin password when it prompts.

./oidrealm ldap_host ldap_port dc=mydomain,dc=com

    1. Check for the message Realm Updated as shown below which ensures that new realm dc=mydomain,dc=com is created.
    2. Check for the new realm using the ldapsearch command as shown below.

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ldapsearch -h ldap_host -p port -D cn=orcladmin -w password -b “dc=mydomain,dc=com”-s base “objectclass=*”

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Kapardhi says March 23, 2017

While trying to configure enterprise user security from OEM, I have accidentally deleted default realm dc=com. Since then I am getting “directory has not been configured for this usage. It doesn’t contain at least one oracle context.” Is there any way to re-create the default realm

Jorge Rojas says July 18, 2017

Hi, when i go to ORACLE_HOME/bin and try to execute oidrealm command: -bash: oidrealm: command not found

When i look into de directory there is not a oidrealm toolkit.

Do you know why? thanks

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