How to find OID version and patches applied on OID Home ?

Oracle Internet Directory (OID) consists of Repository (LDAP objects stored in Oracle Database under schema ODS) and OID Software (created during OID installation). This post covers steps to find OID version and patches applied to OID ORACLE_HOME .

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OID version from LDAP Entry ?

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ldapsearch -h <oid_host> -p <oid_port> -D cn=orcladmin -q -s base -b “” objectclass=* orcldirectoryversion orclcompatibleversion

You should see output like


where represents OID version

Note: For OID or higher version user value for attribute orclcompatibleversion as OID version.

OID version from OID Executable

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/oidldapd -version

You should see output like
oidldapd: Release – Production on thu mar 22 14:34:05 2012

Copyright (c) 1982, 2011 Oracle.  All rights reserved.

OID version from database

Connect as user ODS and run query
SQL> select attrval from ds_attrstore where entryid = 1 and attrname = ‘orcldirectoryversion’;

How to find patches installed in OID Oracle Home
$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch lsinventory

where ORACLE_HOME is directory in which OID software is installed

output like below represents that OID software is with 13 patches


Installed Top-level Products (2):

Oracle Identity Management 11g                             
Oracle Identity Management 11g Patchset                    
There are 2 products installed in this Oracle Home.

Interim patches (13) : ******

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Sourabh Gupta says September 29, 2012

Hi Atul,

When I am running the commands, output is different.

ldapsearch -h -p 6060 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w ***** -b “” -s base “objectclass=*” orcldirectoryversion orclcompatibleversion

ssomgr@lcosoim2:/home/ssomgr> $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oidldapd -version

oidldapd: Release – Production on sat sep 29 15:42:43 2012

Copyright (c) 1982, 2010 Oracle. All rights reserved.


Atul Kumar says September 29, 2012

There could be some cases where schema version is same or lower version. In your case it looks like with OID version there was no change in schama (and hence you see in schema)

Are you hitting any issue starting OID because of this version mismatch ?

Did you upgrade OID recently ?

Sourabh Gupta says September 29, 2012

Hi Atul,

its test instance , I checked with the Production everything seems to be same.

We are not facing any issue.

With ldapsearch its giving the schema version where as with ORACLE_HOME/bin/oidldapd -version , its giving the OID executable version.

Sourabh Gupta

UTPAL says March 25, 2016

OID version from database is incorrect, You have to use the below

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