Oracle Release/Version Number for Apps/ Forms/ Jinitiator/ OID/ SSO/ Portal/ iAS/ OC4J/ Unix/ xxxx ….

Find component Version in Apps 11i/R12/12i

Q. How to find Apps Version (11i/R12/12i).
A.  Connect to database as user apps
SQL> select release_name from apps.fnd_product_groups;
Output like 12.0.4 or

Q. Web Server/Apache or Application Server in Apps 11i/R12
A. Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/bin/httpd -version
Output for 11i should be like
Server version: Oracle HTTP Server Powered by Apache/1.3.19 (Unix)
Server built:   Jan 26 2005 11:06:44 (iAS rollup 5)

Output for R12 should be like
Server version: Oracle-Application-Server-10g/
Server built:   Dec  4 2006 14:44:38

Q. Forms & Report version (aka developer 6i) in 11i
A. Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/f60run | grep Version | grep Forms

output like
Forms 6.0 (Forms Runtime) Version (Production)
Check fourth character in version 25 which means Forms 6i patchset 16 (25-9)

Q. Forms & Report version in R12/12i
A. Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/rwrun | grep Release

Output should be like
Report Builder: Release
You can safely ignore warnings

Q. Database Version in 11i/R12/12i
A. Go to database section below.

Q. Oracle Jinitiator in 11i/R12/12i
Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query
grep jinit_ver_comma $CONTEXT_FILE

Default is Java Plug-In for R12/12i )

Q. Oracle Java Plug-in in 11i/R12/12i
Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query
grep plugin $CONTEXT_FILE
Q. File Version on file system
adident Header <filename>
strings <file_name> | grep Header

Here adident is AD Utility (Oracle Apps) and strings is Unix utility

Q. Version of pld file
*.pld are source code of *.pll which are inturn source of *.plx.  *.pll is in $AU_TOP/resource and to find its version check

adident Header $AU_TOP/resource/<filename>.pll
$Header IGSAU012.pld 115.1.115100.1 2004/04/01 05:40:18 appldev ship $

strings $AU_TOP/resource/<filename>.pll | grep -i header

FDRCSID(‘$Header: IGSAU012.pld 115.1.115100.1 2004/04/01 05:40:18 appldev ship $’);

Q. OA Framework Version
A.http:// hostname.domainName:port/OA_HTML/OAInfo.jsp (Only for 11i)

A.  Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query

adident Header $FND_TOP/html/OA.jsp
adident Header $OA_HTML/OA.jsp

output for both should look like
$Header OA.jsp 115.60 2006/03/31 00:47:28 atgops1 noship $

120.21 means OA Framework Version (coming soon..)
115.60 means OA Framework Version (coming soon..)
115.56 means OA Framework Version (coming soon..)
115.36 means OA Framework Version 5.7
115.27 means OA Framework Version 5.6E
115.26 means OA Framework Version 5.5.2E

Q. Discoverer Version for 11i (3i or 4i)
A. Log in as Application user, set environment variable and run below query
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/disc4ws | grep -i Version

Q. Discoverer Version for 11i or R12 (10g AS)
Check under Application Server Section as 10g AS Discoverer is on standalone

Q. Workflow Version with Apps
Connect to Database as apps user
SQL> select TEXT Version from   WF_RESOURCES where  NAME = ‘WF_VERSION’;
Output like 2.6.0 means workflow version 2.6.0


Version for Fusion Middleware Component

Identity Management component Version/Release Number

A. Oracle Single Sign On
Connect to database which holds SSO repository
SQL>select version from orasso.wwc_version$;

B. Oracle Internet Directory

There are two component in OID (Software/binaries & Schema/database)

>>> To find software/binary version

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/oidldapd -version
output should look like

oidldapd: Release – Production on mon jul 14 14:14:21 2008
Copyright (c) 1982, 2006 Oracle.  All rights reserved.

>>> To find Schema Version/ database use

ldapsearch -h <hostname> -p <port> -D “cn=orcladmin” -w “<password>” -b “” \
-s base “objectclass=*” orcldirectoryversion

and output should be like

version: 1
orcldirectoryversion: OID

or run following query in database
SQL> select attrval from ods.ds_attrstore where entryid = 1 and attrname = ‘orcldirectoryversion’;

Output should be like OID

C. Application Server

1. Oracle Application Server 10g Rel 3 (10.1.3.X)
cat $ORACLE_HOME/config/ | grep Version


2. For Oracle Application Server 10.1.2 (Prior to Oracle WebLogic Server)
If application server is registered in database (Portal, Discoverer) check from database
SQL> select * from ias_versions;


D. AOC4J (Oracle Container for J2EE)
cd $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home
java -jar oc4j.jar -version


E. Oracle Portal
SQL> select version from portal.wwc_version$;


Database Component

I) Oracle Database

To find database version
SQL> select * from v$version;
All component version in database

$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch lsinventory -detail


Oracle Enterprise Manager
Metalink Note 605398.1 
How to to find the version of the main EM components


Unix Operating System

Solaris -> cat /etc/release
Red Hat Linux -> cat /etc/redhat-release



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rwrun gives only report builder version in 12i . how to find the form server version in 12i?

rwrun |grep Release
REP-0503: You did not specify the name of a report.
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[applmgr cidcscoretst1 HUP12] $


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