Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions

I was quite busy for last two days so I couldn’t write on CPU patch for Middle tier & E-Business Suite (Apps) but I’ll try to complete it by tomorrow or by this weekend.
Next week I’ll focus on troubleshooting Oracle Application(web server, forms,Concurrent) including login issues.

For those who are looking for Oracle Apps DBA Jobs , I have listed 100+ interview questions for Apps DBA’s with answers . Most of them sent by those who appeared in Interview for Apps DBA.

# All These Questions are Copyright Protected so don’t copy & paste on any other site. You can Refer link on other site #

Here are few links

Concurrent Manager Questions, apps web config file

# All These Questions are Copyright Protected so don’t copy & paste on any other site. You can Refer link on other site #

Few on cloning , patching, ad utility interview Questions

At bottom of page there is nevigation path and there are in total 23 pages in Interview section .

I realised that few answers I forgot to answer which I’ll do as soon as I get some time as on page

I want to thank each one of you who sent me Interview questions.
If you want to send Interview Questions which you don’t see on site then mail me at

Senthil I need to update questions which you sent me few days ago (Thanks a lot to you & good luck with your future projetcs)

Few questions are at

To nevigate to different pages there is Next Page & Previous Page link at bottom of all pages.

One Suggestion for aspiring Apps DBA’s please don’t remember these questions but try to understand apps by these questions.

Good Luck for your Interview .

# All These Questions are Copyright Protected so don’t copy & paste on any other site, You can Refer link on other site. #

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Anil Passi says October 14, 2006

Hi Atul,

These are very good collection of interview questions. Keep the good work going.

Anil Passi
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rajesh says September 12, 2008

hi atul ,
i am rajesh ,

Please give answers of these questions

1. My concurrent request is running very slow , how would u analyze ?
2. How would u know all your concurrent managers are up and running ?
3. How would u know ur apache server is up and running ?
4. Users complaining applications running very slow , how would u proceed ?
5. While applying patch in apps some body dropped my FND_CONCURRENT_REQUEST table , what will happen ?
6. What is diff b/w AD_PPLIED_PATCHES and AD_BUGS tables ?
7. I want to change my concurrent request log and ot files locations , how ?
8. I am unable to see my concurrent request log and out files , what might be the problem ?
9. After changing apps password by using FNDCPASS i forgot to modify the some files like CGIcmd.dat, what will happened ?
10. On which node u will run FNDCPASS node1- forms , apache node2 – CM,ADMIN,DB,REPORTS ?
11. How to identify whether Maintainance mode enabled r not in database i.e. table name ?
12. While applying the patch in apps how would u moniter which files going to modify and which script is running

— regards
rajesh kumar

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