My Site Content & Questions are Copyright protected

It has come to my notice again that few readers are copying content from here & my other site in to their own site .

Please note that my both sites are protected under copyright act and its illegal to copy content without my prior permission. Vikas at appsdbablog dot wordpress dot com has copied Interview Questions . Please note that I can take legal actions but since we belong to same community ( Apps DBA) and I think Vikas has done it under ignorance so I am not going in to legal actions at this minute. I expect owner of site appsdbablog at wordpress to remove my content/interview Q’s .

Those of you who think that its illegal to copy others work ; kindly leave a note/comment to our friend Vikas at asking him to remove my content from his page.

You can very well create link on your site referring to study material at this site or my any other site . Lets make internet better & healthy way to share knowledge.

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Anil Passi says October 7, 2006

Hi Atul

It is sad to see this happen.

Last week I found myself in a similar situation when I noted that one of the respected Oracle Apps Blogger had copied my contents on FNDLOAD.

But let me assure you that, such people that copy & are dishonest can never go a long way in their lives.

Anil Passi

Atul Kumar says October 7, 2006

Hi Anil,
I can understand your concerns. Thanks for sharing your experience with US. Would you like to share with others who copied your content & what are you are doing to stop such things.

For those who are not aware about Anil Passi. He writes for Oracle Applications 11i Developers on his blog at

He also maintain site and I found it very good those who want to move into Apps Developer track or Oracle Apps Techno functional line .


Anil Passi says October 7, 2006

Hi Atul,

Your blog inspired me to do something equivalent for non-dba’s in Apps community. So keep your good work going, who knows how many others are yet to be inspired.

Coming to your copyright violations, there are very strong indications that the person that copied my contents is the same person that copied yours too.

It can take years to build reputation and few seconds to crash it. As I said, this person happens to be a respected blogger in Oracle Apps Community, and hence I have decided to give him one last chance.
Revealing his identity publicly might de-motivate him, for which I might latter feel guilty.
The news is that he has finally removed his FNDLOAD article that was copied from mine.

Anil Passi

Anil Passi says October 7, 2006

Oops, I forgot to mention, the person that copied your contents, possibly blogs with two different names.

santosh says October 9, 2006


I am a regular reader of your blog
You are doing a great job and it is sad to see that someone has copied your content. Such blogs will not last long. we are here to support you all the time

Atul Kumar says October 9, 2006

Hi Santosh & Anil,
Thanks a lot for your support.


sree says October 10, 2006

Hi Atul and Anil,

Am more interested in ORACLE DBA/APPS, can you guys me to start on.

as i Worked on Oracle for most of my Web Application Projects and well versed with SQL and STORED PROCS..

thanks in Advance
Sreedhar Chava

Atul Kumar says October 11, 2006

For a start you can look for section under “Apps for Beginers ” on left menu bar


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