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Hybrid Data Guard

Zero Downtime Migration: Database & Applications (EBS R12) To Oracle Cloud Using Hybrid Data Guard

Most of the Customers when migrating Application and Database want minimal downtime. Hybrid Dataguard for DB Tier and RSYNC for Apps Tier, let’s you sync both database & application constantly front On-Premise to Oracle Cloud. When you are ready to move to the Cloud, all you need is to failover Database to Oracle Cloud, configure […]

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Zero Downtime Migration In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle has recently launched a cloud migration utility named Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM), that will help you in migrating your On-Prem Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Database (VM DB, ExaCS, Bare Metal, Exadata Cloud at Customer) With the aim of keeping the migration process as simple as possible and minimal downtime on production workloads. If […]

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Shared Oracle Database Home

New Feature: Exadata (ExaCs) DB System: Shared Database Homes

Oracle recently announced that now you can add Oracle Database Homes to an existing Exadata DB system by using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)Console, the API (Rest API), or the CLI (dbaascli). Check out K21 Academy’s blog post at that covers: • What Is Oracle Database Home? • How To Manage DB Home In […]

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Oracle Data Guard Broker

Overview: Oracle Data Guard Broker

Oracle Data Guard Broker Overview Oracle Data Guard Broker is a centralized framework that automates the configuration, management, and monitoring of an Oracle Data Guard configuration. To know more about Data Guard Broker, visit where K21 Academy talks about: ▪Data Guard Broker ▪Its Components ▪Its Features & Configuration Begin your journey towards becoming an […]

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Standby control file

Solved: Restore Of Standby Control File On Standby DB In ExaCS Failing With ERROR (ORA-600, RMAN-03002)

Fixed: Restore Of Standby Control File On Standby DB In ExaCS Failing With Error (ORA-600, RMAN-03002) Are you looking for a fix to troubleshoot the “PSDRPC returns significant error 600 & RMAN-03002: failure of restore command” error while performing a restore of Standby Control File using RMAN on the Standby Database on Exadata Cloud Service […]

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Connect SQL Developer Web

How To Connect Autonomous Database With SQL Developer Web

How to connect Oracle Autonomous Database using SQL Developer Web. Once you create autonomous database on Oracle Cloud easiest way to connect is using Oracle SQL Developer Web Check out: The blog post discusses the: ✦ Oracle SQL Developer Web Overview ✦ Two ways to Connect SQL Developer Web in Autonomous Database as ADMIN […]

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Amazon AWS | Microsoft AZURE | Oracle Cloud (Confused ?): Right Choice for DBA’s

Amazon AWS | Microsoft AZURE | Oracle Cloud (Confused ?): Right Choice for DBA’s Check this video by Oracle ACE & Cloud Expert, Atul Kumar from team K21Academy in which he discussed which is the right Cloud to learn if you’re a DBA, AppsDBA or working on Oracle applications like E-business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, […]

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How To Create Database on Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud (OCI)

[Video] How To Create Database on Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud (OCI) Show notes at Check the video by Oracle ACE & Cloud Expert Atul Kumar from Team K21 Academy in which he discussed the step by step procedure to create a database on Oracle Cloud(OCI) & what each configuration means during the DB Provisioning on […]

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[Video] Roles & Responsibilities of Oracle Cloud DBA: Tasks

One of the common questions we get in our FREE Masterclass is about the Roles & Responsibilities of DBAs & Apps DBA in Oracle Cloud. So, if you are an Oracle DBA and would like to become an Oracle Cloud DBA or Apps DBA, then check the 8 Key Tasks which a DBA should perform. […]

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Database Options in Oracle Cloud

[Video] Oracle Cloud Database Options (VMDB, BMDB, ExaCS, ExaCS & Autonomous (ADW, ATP)

Oracle Cloud Database Options (VMDB, BMDB, ExaCS, ExaCC & Autonomous (ADW, ATP)) You get different database options in Oracle Cloud, What are these, Who controls what in these deployment options? All of these are covered by Oracle ACE & Cloud Expert Atul Kumar. In this latest episode 34, he discusses: ▪ Database Choices & Options […]

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