Zero Downtime Migration

Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Database To Oracle Cloud FREE Masterclass Q/A

ZDM is a tool from Oracle that helps in migrating databases with Zero Downtime from On-Premise or OCI-C to Oracle Cloud (OCI) or Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC).In our 3rd and last post, we covered Q/A from our free class on ZDM.

Here is a question for you
Q: ZDM copy data to Object Storage first, but is that the only option?
After watching the second part what’s your answer:
Comment: 1. After watching the second part, yes that’s the only option.
Comment: 2. There are other options too.

Check out this part 3 of 3 part video series on Zero Downtime Migration

which covers:
Live Masterclass Q/A in this live Q/A session attendees asked interesting questions one of them mentioned above and we have answered all the ZDM related questions in this blog post.

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