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Amazon Timestream: Overview, Limitations, Pricing & Many More

✅Its purpose-built query engine allows us to access and analyze both recent and historical data without explicitly specified in the query whether the data is in-memory or cost-optimized. ✅ Amazon Timestream is serverless and scales up and down automatically to adjust capacity and performance, so we don’t need to manage the underlying infrastructure, allowing us […]

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Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR: Working, Features & Use Cases

✅ Amazon EMR(Elastic Map Reduce) is a managed ‘Big Data’ service offering from AWS (Amazon Web Services). With it, organizations can process and analyze massive amounts of data. ✅ The EMR Studio is a semi-integrated development environment with the ability to provision EMR clusters and is very close to a Databricks-style of interaction. 🚀 Limitations […]

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AWS Private Link

AWS PrivateLink: Overview, Benefits, Features & Use Cases

✅ AWS PrivateLink enables you to securely connect your VPCs to supported AWS services, such as your own AWS service, services hosted by other AWS accounts, and third-party AWS Marketplace services. ✅ There is no longer a need for an Internet gateway, NAT device, public IP address, or VPN connection as communication between your VPC […]

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AWS Organizations

What are AWS Organizations ?

🤓 AWS Organizations is a management account feature that allows you to create a more flexible hierarchical structure for your fleet of AWS accounts and resources in the form of Organizational Units (OUs). 🤓 Consider OUs to be a folder directory. On a shared file system, you may have folders for each department in your […]

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AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway: Everything you need to know

✅AWS Transit Gateway is a networking service that uses a hub-and-spoke model to connect on-premises data centers and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to a single gateway. ✅ AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager has a unique view of your entire network due to its central location, and it can even connect to Software-Defined Wide Area […]

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AWS Virtual Private Network (AWS VPN): Everything You need to Know

✅ AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions connect your on-premises networks, distant offices, client devices, and the AWS global network in a secure manner. ✅ AWS Client VPN and AWS Site-to-Site VPN are the two services that make up this system. ✈️ Components of AWS VPN 👉 Virtual Private Gateway (VGW): A virtual private gateway […]

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AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect: Overview, Component, Features

✅ It utilizes a regular Ethernet fiber-optic cable to connect your internal network to an AWS Direct Connect site. ✅ The cable is attached to your router on one end and to an AWS Direct Connect router on the other. ✅ Bypassing internet service providers in your network path, you can construct virtual interfaces to […]

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AWS RAM – Resource Access Manager

🚀 A service that allows you to simply and securely share AWS resources with any AWS account or, if you are a member of AWS Organizations, with Organizational Units (OUs) or your entire organization.💡 🚀 RAM reduces the need for duplicate resources to be created in numerous accounts. In a multi-account system, you can centrally […]

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AWS Firewall Manager

✅ Simplifies AWS WAF administration and maintenance tasks across multiple accounts and resources. You only need to configure your firewall rules once, and the service will automatically apply them to all of your accounts and resources. 💡 ✅ It is integrated with AWS Organizations, so you can apply protections to resources across accounts.⚡ ✅ Benefits […]

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Exam

A new edition of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam (SAA-C03) will be available beginning August 30, 2022. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C03) exam changes will validate current AWS services and best-practice knowledge and skills. This new exam version has been updated to reflect the rapid pace of innovation on […]

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