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Prerequisites of AWS DMS

✅Prepare the source SQL Server database for database migration by configuring it as a replication source for AWS DMS. ✅At the target, add the option SQLSERVER_BACKUP_RESTORE to the Amazon RDS option group to access and restore database backup files in the S3 bucket to Amazon RDS for SQL Server. ✈️ Limitations of AWS Database Migration […]

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Introduction of Amazon Forecast

✅Scale operations by forecasting millions of items, using the same technology as ✅Optimize inventory and reduce waste with accurate forecasts at a granular level. ✈️ Benefits of Amazon Forecast ⚡Forecasting Accuracy- Amazon Forecast provides highly accurate forecasts that are up to 50 percent more precise due to machine learning. ⚡Quicker Data Review- Sellers can […]

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AWS Migration Pricing

✅You can use AWS Application Migration Service for a free period of 2,160 hours, which is 90 days when used continuously. ✅While your source servers are actively replicating, including during the free period, you will incur charges for any AWS infrastructure that is provisioned by AWS Application Migration Service to facilitate data replication. ✈️Common Application […]

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What is Cloud Migration Strategy?

✅A migration strategy is the approach used to migrate a workload into the AWS Cloud. ✅ As more and more companies have already transitioned to the cloud, migrations are increasingly taking place within the cloud. ✅There are seven migration strategies for moving applications to the cloud, known as the 7 Rs. ✈️ 7R’s of Cloud Migration […]

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Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

✅The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework leverages AWS experience and best practices to help you digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes through the innovative use of AWS. ✅AWS CAF groups its capabilities into six perspectives: Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations. ✈Benefits of AWS CAF ⚡Reduce business risk- Lower your risk profile through improved […]

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Benefits of using S3

✅Budget-friendly- Amazon provides services based on a pay-as-you-go model. This allows us to pay only for the amount of storage and the time that we use on S3. ✅Durability- Durability is the measurement of the likelihood of data loss. All the services provided by Amazon, including Amazon S3, are highly durable. ✈️Rules for AWS S3 […]

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Amazon Timestream: Overview, Limitations, Pricing & Many More

✅Its purpose-built query engine allows us to access and analyze both recent and historical data without explicitly specified in the query whether the data is in-memory or cost-optimized. ✅ Amazon Timestream is serverless and scales up and down automatically to adjust capacity and performance, so we don’t need to manage the underlying infrastructure, allowing us […]

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Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR: Working, Features & Use Cases

✅ Amazon EMR(Elastic Map Reduce) is a managed ‘Big Data’ service offering from AWS (Amazon Web Services). With it, organizations can process and analyze massive amounts of data. ✅ The EMR Studio is a semi-integrated development environment with the ability to provision EMR clusters and is very close to a Databricks-style of interaction. 🚀 Limitations […]

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AWS Private Link

AWS PrivateLink: Overview, Benefits, Features & Use Cases

✅ AWS PrivateLink enables you to securely connect your VPCs to supported AWS services, such as your own AWS service, services hosted by other AWS accounts, and third-party AWS Marketplace services. ✅ There is no longer a need for an Internet gateway, NAT device, public IP address, or VPN connection as communication between your VPC […]

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AWS Organizations

What are AWS Organizations ?

🤓 AWS Organizations is a management account feature that allows you to create a more flexible hierarchical structure for your fleet of AWS accounts and resources in the form of Organizational Units (OUs). 🤓 Consider OUs to be a folder directory. On a shared file system, you may have folders for each department in your […]

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