What is AWS Fargate?

✅Fargate removes the operational overhead of scaling, patching, securing, and managing servers.

✅Monitor your applications via built-in integrations with AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights.

✅Only pay for what you use. Fargate scales the compute to closely match your specified resource requirements.

✈️ Use Cases of AWS Fargate

👉Web apps, APIs, and microservices- Build and deploy your applications, APIs, and microservices architectures with the speed and immutability of containers.

👉Run and scale container workloads- Use Fargate with Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS to easily run and scale your containerized data processing workloads.

👉Support AI and ML training applications- With Fargate, achieve the scalability you need to boost server capacity without over-provisioning—to train, test, and deploy your machine learning (ML) models.

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