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Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration: ICS to OIC Migration

How to Migrate from an ICS (Integration Cloud Service) instance on OCI Classic to an OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) instance on OCI? Check out K21Academy’s blog post at to find the answer to the above-mentioned question and also understand: • Difference Between ICS & OIC Or OCI Vs. OCI-C • How To Use Clone […]

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Oracle Integration Instance

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Instance Edition, Message Pricing & License Types

Oracle provides two types of Editions while creating Instances. We can differentiate between the two on the basis of the package they offer (Standard/Enterprise). Do you want to know about these packages in detail? Check out K21Academy’s blog at that covers: • Integration Editions • Integration License Type • Integration Message Packs • How […]

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Process Cloud Service

Process Cloud Service (PCS) Overview

Oracle Process Cloud Service is used for process automation, it’s a subscription-based cloud service. Allowing easy extension of existing SaaS and On-Premise. To know more, check out K21Academy’s blog at in which we cover: •What Is PCS •Design-Time Environment •The Runtime Environment •PCS Composer Page •Process Cloud Service: Forms •Features Of PCS Begin your […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud Service vs SOA Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC) Vs SOA Cloud Service (SOA CS)

Do you know what the difference between OIC & SOA CS is and what features and functionality they offer and how to choose between them? If yes, then Check K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Overview • SOA Cloud Service Overview • When To Choose OIC? • When To […]

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OIC Instance Creation

[Fixed] OIC Instance Creation Is Stuck In Status: Creating Service

OIC Instance Creation that is stuck at status creating. It is a known issue that has plagued free trial cloud account users. Are you ever stuck in creating OIC Instance? If Yes, then check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Issue: Oracle Integration-OIC – Instance Creation is Stuck at status: Creating • […]

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oracle API

Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Overview & Architecture

Oracle API Platform Cloud Service enables you to create, manage, secure and consume APIs to new and existing services. It delivers a ‘true hybrid’ model, API gateways (engines that run the APIs) can be deployed onto any cloud service provider Amazon, Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Softlayer/bluemix, etc and/or on-premises. Check out K21 Academy’s blog post […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud Services (OIC)1Z0-1042 Training: Step By Step Activity Guides/Hands-On Lab Exercise

Find out how to become an Oracle Certified Integration Expert [1Z0-1042] by performing the Hands-On Lab Exercises at & get in-depth, Stepwise Study for: • Hands-On Activity Guides that you must perform in order to learn Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC) • How to bring you and your team for integration with on-premise & […]

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ERP Cloud Adapter

Overview: ERP Cloud Adapter In Oracle Cloud (OIC)

Overview: ERP Cloud Adapter in Oracle Cloud (OIC) One of the connectors that are provided by Oracle Integration Cloud Services is an ERP Cloud Adapter that helps to connect Oracle’s SaaS and many other third-party Clouds & On-premise applications. Check out K21 Academy’s post at which covers: • What Is ERP Cloud Adapter? • […]

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Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) Overview & Features

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) Overview & Features Oracle Visual Builder provides an easy way to create and host web and mobile applications in a secure Cloud environment. If you are working on Oracle Integration Cloud then must have heard about the term VBCS, check at which covers: ▪What is VBCS? ▪Why Oracle […]

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Downloading And Installing JDK 8

Downloading And Installing JDK 8 for OIC Connectivity Agent

[Downloading And Installing JDK 8 for OIC Connectivity Agent] Some adapters/connectors use a connectivity agent to establish a connection with the on-premise system while a connectivity agent uses the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to run code on the on-premise system. So, are you looking for the steps to ⬇Download and Install JDK Version 8 on […]

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