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Oracle Integration New Home Page

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) New Home Page

Oracle Integration Cloud has constantly been updating different features since the launch of OIC Gen 2. The latest improvement that Oracle Integration Cloud has undergone is the newly designed home page which comes with some new features. This blog post – covers the walkthrough of the Oracle Integration Cloud New Home Page and what […]

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Switching Visual Builder Service

Switching Visual Builder Tenant DB To Oracle ATP Database.

The Visual Builder Cloud Service is the open-source standard which is a help to develop, deploy, and collaborate in the Oracle Cloud. Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) is a database for a transactional workload, with a bias toward high volumes of random data access. Check out the blog post at, this will give you a […]

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Advantages Of HDL For HCM Data Integration

HCM Data Loader is the next generation Data Loading tool used for bulk loading and data Migration. Also used for maintenance of HCM data, and scenarios. Read the blog at to know the advantages of HDL (HCM Data Loader) for HCM data integration, and how data is loaded in HCM with HCM Data Loader. […]

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How To Use Oracle REST Data Services ORDS

Oracle REST Data Services ORDS makes it easy to develop modern REST interfaces for relational data in the Oracle Database and JSON Document Store To get an overview of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and how can we use it to expose PL/SQL APIs using RESTfull web services read the blog post at which […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud Connectivity Agent Download And Set-Up

Know-How to download and Configure Oracle Integration Cloud Connectivity Agent to create a secure connection between OIC and On-premise systems. Read the blog at to know it all! Which covers: • What is Connectivity Agent & Why you Need it? • Prerequisite • Downloading Connectivity Agent using GUI • Downloading Connectivity Agent using CLI […]

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B2B In Oracle Integration Cloud

B2B is a set of features inside Oracle Integration, supporting the EDI document, EDI Translate, and a B2B schema editor to customize the EDI data formats. Check out the blog at to know what is B2B, what purpose does it serve, and how to create a Custom B2B Document Schema? Highlights: • Why use […]

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Application Development Framework (ADF) VS Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Oracle offers two tools Application Development Framework (ADF) and Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) for developing responsive front-end applications. Read the blog at to know what is the difference between VBCS & ADF and which would one prefer over another. The blog covers: • Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) • Advantages VBCS of over […]

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Invoke One Integration From Another by Using Call Integration Action

Invoking One Integration From Another | Call Integration Action | Step by Step

Oracle Integration Cloud Service’s Call Integration Action feature to invoke an integration from another integration. Do you know why having multiple small nested integrations rather than having one large integration is useful? It is easier to diagnose errors when you have multiple small nested integrations than a larger one. Want to explore more? Check out […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud OIC

[New Feature] Oracle Integration Cloud Updated UI

Have you checked the new UI (User Interface) that Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) has incorporated? They have built a fantastic UI and have included many new and exciting features as well. Come have a look at all the new features in the blog The blog covers: • Updated Menu Structure • New UI for […]

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Integration b/w Oracle Engagement Cloud, Oracle CPQ & Oracle EBS

Want to learn step by step process on how to use Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? There is an amazing blog to integrate Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), and Oracle E-Business Suite so that data is synchronized in real-time Explore the blog in detail which covers: • What is Oracle Integration Cloud […]

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