How to Update Java on Oracle Integration cloud on-premise Agent

📍Basically, The cloud agents monitor and collect data (for example, metrics, configuration information, and logs) from entities that reside on hosts, or on virtual hosts in a cloud.

📍Oracle Cloud Agent is a lightweight process that manages plugins running on compute instances. Plugins collect performance metrics, install OS updates, and perform other instance management tasks.

📍To use plugins on an instance, the Oracle Cloud Agent software must be installed on the instance, the plugins must be enabled, and the plugins must be running. You might need to perform additional configuration tasks before you can use certain plugins.

📍You must perform the following tasks to install cloud agents.

Note: You can access your log data on Oracle Log Analytics by:

• Installing the cloud agent that collects logs from your target host.
• Uploading log data on demand. See Upload Logs to Oracle Log Analytics on Demand.
• Ingesting logs from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage. See Ingest Logs from OCI Object Storage Buckets.
• Using the open-source data collector software, Fluentd collects logs. See Use Fluentd for Log Collection.

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