AWS config

AWS Config: Overview, Benefits, and How to Get Started?


✅ AWS Config is a service that enables you to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources.

✅ Config continuously monitors and records your AWS resource configurations and allows you to automate the evaluation of recorded configurations against desired configurations.🖥️

✅ Benefits of AWS Config:

• Config also enables you to inventory your AWS resources, the configurations of your AWS resources, as well as software configurations within EC2 instances at any point in time.
• Resource configurations or configuration changes that deviate from your rules automatically trigger Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) notifications and Amazon CloudWatch events so that you can be alerted on a continuous basis.
• With AWS Config, you are able to track the relationships among resources and review resource dependencies prior to making changes.
• Config helps you identify the root cause of operational issues through its integration with AWS CloudTrail, a service that records events related to API calls for your account.

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