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OIA cluster deployment for High Availability in Active-Active Cluster

I discussed about Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) installation here. In this post I am going to cover key points when deploying OIA in cluster for High Availability (Active-Active). Note: This post assumes that you are familiar with deploying OIA in single node and steps here are only specific to cluster configuration.   1. OIA is a […]

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Accounts, Account Type, and Orphan Accounts in OIA

    In commonly used terms Identity represents a user where as an Account represents an access to system. For Example Atul Kumar (an Identity) can have an Account in Active Directory system or an Account in ERP/CRM system. To view user’s account in OIA : Login to OIA -> Identity Warehouse -> Users -> […]

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Business Structure (Business Unit) in OIA : Basics you must know

I discussed about Resource Type, Resource, Policies and OIA vs Global Users, In this post I am going to cover Business Structure (aka Business Unit – BU) in Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) Users in an Organization can be categories in departments/sub-department, In OIA department/sub-department are represented by Business Structure (aka Business Unit) 1. Business Structure can have departments […]

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Policies in OIA and association with Role, Resource Type, Resource

Policies in OIA define account attributes and privileges (entitlements) that users have on different platforms or applications. For example in OIA, if you want to create users in Active Directory including member of a group in AD (assumption is that AD is integrated with provisioning server like OIM and provisioning server is integrated with OIA) then a) […]

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Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) : Global Users vs OIA Users : 1Z0-545 Security Models in OIA

Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) is an application from Oracle Identity Management Suite that provides role management and automates identity based controls. OIA was earlier Sun Role Manager (SRM)and before that it was Vaau‘s RBACX.  More on OIA Architecture here and high level OIA installation steps here In this post I am going to cover  two type of […]

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How to find Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA – RBACX) version

Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) earlier Sun Role Manager (SRM) provides ability to define and manage roles and automate identity based controls. OIA also provides Attestation and SoD (Segregation of Duties). For list of OIA features click here This post covers steps to find version of OIA installed on system. Note: Latest version of OIA is […]

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