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Overview EBS (R12) High Availability & Disaster Recovery On Oracle Cloud (OCI)

If you have to deploy a high availability application (like EBS R12 or Java App) but got only 1 Availability Domain (AD) (like in Canada Region) ✔ How would your deployment look like (hint Fault Domain) ? ✔ What does Availability Domain (AD) & Fault Domain ( FD) mean and how they play role in […]

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[Blog] Oracle Cloud (OCI): How To Recover SSH Keys In Compute Instance

If you get a “Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic)” error when trying to connect your instance via putty in windows or terminal in Linux, Surely you need to recover your SSH keys. Want to know the Process for that? If yes, Visit: and go through our new blog covering: ✔ Typical Scenarios When you need to […]

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[Blog] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Unable To Create a Policy under a Compartment

Check one of the common Issue with its Fix, which our trainees faced while defining IAM Policies in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI). Visit: and go through our new Blog Covering: ✔ Overview of Compartments & Policy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) ✔ Issue and Fix for the Error (Unable To Create a Policy under a […]

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Copying Block Volume Across Region in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Why is it important and useful to migrate our application or database from one region of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to another? Want to Know WHY? Visit: and Consider our new Exciting Blog Covering new feature of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure like: ✔ Copying Block Volume Across Region ✔ Learn Steps To Copy a Backup Across […]

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[BLOG] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate (1Z0-932) | DbaasCli Utility

Are you preparing for 1Z0-932 Certification and want to clear your concepts on some important topics that are covered in the 1z0-932 exam? If yes, then visit: and learn about the capabilities of DBaaSCli Utility in detail with the help of Q&A & much more…

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Compute Update Dec 2018

Do You know what is the OCI: Compute Update in Dec 2018? Upgrade yourself with new Information in My [Blog] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Compute Update Dec 2018 At: & grab the knowledge about: ✔ Things You Should Know About Compute ✔ OCI Compute New Features: DEC 2018 ✔ Changes in VCN (Virtual Cloud […]

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[BLOG] Data Guard In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Things Cloud DBA Must Know

Are You an OCI Buff and Interested in Finding New Things? If yes, then let us introduce you to a Brand New Topic in OCI i.e. ‘Data Guard’ Visit: where we have covered: ✔ Introduction to Data Guard ✔ Data Guard in Oracle ✔ Data Guard in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ✔ Things need to […]

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Compartment In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Everything You Must Know

[Video] Compartment Change in Oracle Cloud (OCI) & Its Implications Compartment In Cloud (OCI) Can Now Move!! Oracle on 17th July 2019 released a new change related to Compartments. OCI Resources now can move across Compartments, and Compartment itself can move across” but ….it has Security implications that you must learn. Learn about Compartments, these […]

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