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OIF Production issue

I would like to share my experience with strange issue that encountered in our OIF production environment. We are using OIF in cluster mode. OIF is using OVD as user store which is talking to AD underneath. OIF is also using DB for Federation and configuration data stores. We are acting as Identity Provider […]

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Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) Installation & Configuration

I recently implemented Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) as Service Provider (SP) integrated with Oracle Access Manager (OAM) as SP Integration Module. For basics of OIF SP/IdP click here. OIF SP with IdP is integrated using linked federation (attribute employeeNumber on IdP is linked to uid on SP). To further complicate this integration OIF as SP […]

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OAM – OIF integration : Login Fails when value for attribute cn is different than uid in LDAP Store

I recently integrated OAM with OIF where OAM is configured as OIF SP Integration Module. In this integration OAM resource is protected by authentication scheme OIFScheme and OAM’s authentication is delegated to OIF. More on Federation basics here User can have multiple attributes defined like firstname, lastname, cn, uid, mail.. OIF by default send attribute (uid or […]

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OAM integration with OIF : Authentication Engine or Service Provider

OIF is a federation product from Oracle which can act as both Identity Provider (IdP) or Service Provider (SP). More on Federation basics IdP/SP here OIF come with authentication engine (LDAP, OAM, OSSO, Database, InfoCard, JAAS… ) and is used when OIF acts as Identity Provider OIF also comes with Service Provider Integration Modules ( OSSO, OAM, […]

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Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) for beginners : IdP / SP

This post covers basics of Federation and few points on OIF 1. Identity Federation is process of exchanging identity information between two enterprise (domains) Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP). Assume that there are two companies a) Your Company with name myCorp – domain1 b) Travel company (travelCorp) which provide car/flight booking for employees […]

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