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[Recap] Day 8: Secure Data and Application in Cloud Part-II

What do you think of the word base? Confused!  Let’s simplify it by adding prefix Data.Let’s talk about the Database:Do you think it’s essential to secure a company database?I must say no doubt that it is a backbone of a company and a sweet spot for hackers. So it is very critical to secure a […]

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Secure Data and Application in Cloud Security: Day 7 [Recap]

What do you understand by the term Storage? Well, I know as most of you would be thinking it’s a place to store something. That something could be anything from the national secret to scraps. The point is whether a security is required or not to protect that Storage? Absolutely Yes, Security should be the first […]

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[Recap] Day 3: Manage Identity and Access in Cloud, Part- II

With each passing day, gigabytes of data are generated, and hackers have a banquet to choose from unless we as security specialists, intervene .One quick question before we get into the third session’s cloud security reviews! Are you going to let anyone inside your home?No, no, no!This demonstrates the importance of security and managing identity and access even in the […]

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[Recap] Day 4: Implement Platform Protection In Cloud

If you work in IT, you’ve probably heard about cloud computing. If you work in the , you’ve probably heard of Cloud Security, and if you work in Cloud Security, you’ve probably heard of Platform Security. So it doesn’t matter if you work in IT or Sales, Cloud or Operations, security or deployment. If you are […]

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[Recap] Day 5: Implement Platform Protection In Cloud – Part 2

How often do you feel anxious when our data is on-premise? as we are concerned about its security. But, once you’ve moved your data to the cloud, you’ll live stress-free.On this note, let’s start the recap of Day 5 of our Cloud Security course, which began with Firewalland saw to build User-defined routes using Route Table. […]

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