[Recap] Day 4: Implement Platform Protection In Cloud

If you work in IT:computer:, you’ve probably heard about cloud computing.

If you work in the :cloud:, you’ve probably heard of Cloud Security, and if you work in Cloud Security, you’ve probably heard of Platform Security:shield:.

So it doesn’t matter if you work in IT or Sales, Cloud or Operations, security or deployment. If you are reading this series of blogs, you are or will be a Cloud Security Expert.

:v::skin-tone-2:Keeping that in mind, let’s go on to Day 4 of our Cloud Security Course Recap:handshake::skin-tone-2:, where we began our Platform Protection topic.

We learned :books:that a virtual network is a component of a private network’s construction in Azure.And saw how with the help of connectivity providers,:dizzy: Microsoft has a separate line of communication of the network between your on-premise:european_post_office: and Azure Datacenter that is the Express route.

We also covered other topics like V-Net peering, Global V-Net peering etc.so I suggest why not:thinking_face: you dive into this blog and explore the https://k21academy.com/cloudsecday4

Also, if you want to learn cloud security :male-police-officer::skin-tone-2:from experts, don’t forget to join our :free: class on: K21academy.com/az50002

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