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Aqua – Container Security Tool

Aqua provides end-to-end security for applications running on Docker Enterprise Edition or Community Edition, protecting the DevOps pipeline and production workloads in runtime with full visibility and control. Check out the blog post at & get an overview of Aqua Security’s MicroScanner that lets you check your container images for vulnerabilities. If your image […]

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DevOps Tools

Top DevOps Tools 2019–2020

Do you know DevOps helps in achieving a better workflow and evolving and improving products at a faster pace? Organizations these days prefer DevOps experts. Check out the blog post at & get an overview of all the latest DevOps tools that are being used in the industry and get to know a little […]

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ansible configuration management

Ansible Configuration Management Tool

Ansible is the most widely used tool for Configuration Management in the industry since it is very simple to use yet powerful enough to automate complex multi-tier IT application environments. Check out the blog at to know more about Ansible and other Configuration management tools. This blog post covers: Configuration Management Configuration Management Tools […]

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devops and jenkins

Jenkins Overview and Installation Pre-requisites

Jenkins, originally developed for continuous integration, is the most widely adopted solution for software process automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Check out the blog at to know more about Jenkins and its concepts. This blog post covers: Jenkins Overview Jenkins Features Installation Pre-requisites Jenkins Concepts and much more. Begin your journey towards becoming […]

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Git | Version Control System | Git Workflow | Advantages

Git is a Distributed Version Control System, and it is one of the most popular version control tools that is being used by 90% of the world’s IT companies. Want to know more about Git? Check out the blog at and explore more. This blog post covers: • Version Control System • Git Workflow • Advantages […]

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CI/CD DevOps

CI/CD Pipeline | Continuous Integration | Continuous Deployment

A CI/CD Pipeline, or Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, is the backbone of the modern DevOps environment, bridging the gap between development and operations teams by automating the building, testing, and deployment of applications. Check out this blog at to know more about CI/CD Pipeline. This blog post covers: Continuous Integration Continuous Testing Continuous […]

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devops best practices

DevOps Best Practices

A DevOps Engineer should always try to implement or enforce the best practices in their organization. Check out the blog post at to know about various DevOps Best Practices that should be implemented by every organization in the industry. This blog post covers: Chaos monkey Blue/Green deployment Andon cords The Cloud Embedded teams Blameless […]

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devops roles and responsibilities

DevOps Engineer | DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

Want to become a DevOps Engineer, but still wondering what will be your roles, and responsibilities after completing the DevOps certification? Check out this blog at to know all about DevOps Engineer, Skills of a DevOps Professionals, and much more. This blog post covers: Who is a DevOps Engineer DevOps Engineer Roles and Responsibilities […]

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Agile and Devops

Agile Methodology and DevOps | DevOps and Agile Relationship

DevOps has brought a lot of changes in the IT industry. By Combining Agile in DevOps, imagine how much faster and feasible delivery DevOps will provide to a business. Check out this blog at to know more about Agile and how does it support DevOps. This blog post covers: What is Agile Agile Framework […]

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What is DevOps

What Is DevOps | DevOps Principles | Advantages Of DevOps | Why DevOps ?

Wondering why DevOps has gained so much attraction in the IT industry lately? Get all insights on what DevOps is and what are its uses and why it is the most favorable choice these days, in our Blog at and explore for yourself. Check out our blog post on DevOps which covers: ➜ What […]

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