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Configure logging in Fedlet and explaining various log files

This is in continuation to Fedlet series. Configuration of logging in Fedlet is fairly simple. By default warning mode is set for logging. To enable debug mode which is called as message mode in Fedlet, edit the present under fedlet configuration directory. Look for below lines Change the debug level to message. […]

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Explaining configuration files in Fedlet…. contd…

This is in continuation of my previous post. idp.xml: This is the Identity provider metadata file. Don’t modify this file while placing it in fedlet configuration directory. idp-extended.xml: This file is generated by Fedlet by default. Copy the entityID from idp.xml to idp-extended.xml. fedlet.cot: This is the circle of trust file. This signifies what all […]

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Explaining configuration files in Fedlet

This is in continuation of series of posts on exploring Fedlet. Check my previous posts for setup, use cases. I will explain various configuration files in a fedlet instance and its significance. Once the fedlet is setup, you will find all configuration files under feldet configuration directory. In any environment, by default the fedlet instance […]

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Setting up fedlet

This post covers the setup of Fedlet in a linux platform. To know the basics of fedlet, go through the previous posts, Basics and use case. Fedlet can be downloaded from OTN. The fedlet classes were built on JDK6 and hence JDK6 has to be used in your environment. Fedlet will be deployed in an […]

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Business use case of Fedlet

The previous talks about basic concepts of fedlet and deployment architecture. In this post I would like to explain the use cases for implementing the fedlet. See the below list where I have expanded the pros for using fedlet. Use fedlet when the service provider is a small organization and has limited set of applications. […]

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Working with Fedlet

I would like to provide some insight into Fedlet in today’s post. I will cover the following fedlet related topics in the near future. Fedlet use cases Setup Signing the SAML response Signing the SAML assertion Encrypting the SAML assertion Logout To understand the federation concepts such as Identity Provider, Service Provider, Circle of Trust […]

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