Setting up fedlet

This post covers the setup of Fedlet in a linux platform. To know the basics of fedlet, go through the previous posts, Basics and use case. Fedlet can be downloaded from OTN.

The fedlet classes were built on JDK6 and hence JDK6 has to be used in your environment. Fedlet will be deployed in an application server and Tomcat is used in my case.

Here are the steps to setup fedlet:

  • Unpack the fedlet package to a directory.
  • Copy the opensso-sharedlib.jar and configurefedlet.jar into a proper directory and specify the jars into classpath as shown in below command. Run the java command /usr/jdk1.6.0_17/bin/sparcv9/java -classpath /opt/oracle/fedlet_jars/opensso-sharedlib.jar:/opt/oracle/fedlet_jars/openfedlib.jar:/opt/oracle/fedlet_jars/configurefedlet.jar Specify the inputs appropriately.
  • Copy the fedletsample.war to tomcat webapps directory.
  • Restart the tomcat server.
  • Access the fedlet sample application through browser.
  • Observe the fedlet SP configuration directory is shown as /opt/oracle/fedlet. Also observe the SP and IDP Entity IDs.
  • To know the version of OpenSSO Fedlet used, goto fedlet configuration directory /opt/oracle/fedlet and open, scroll to the end of the file and observe the parameter oracle.opensso.fedlet.version=Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet

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