Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) on port 80 / 443

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is a Web Server from Oracle built on top of Apache with additional modules like mod_osso, mod_ossl etc . OHS by default listen on port 7777 or 8888 (non SSL/HTTP) and 4443 (SSL/HTTPS).  This post covers steps to re-configure OHS to listen on port 80 (HTTP)/443 (HTTPS)


Key things good to know

  • Port on which HTTP Server listen is defined in $ORCALE_INSTANCE/config/OHS/ohs1/httpd.conf (parameter Listen)
    Note: Location of httpd.conf may be different depending on OHS version (above location is for OHS 11g)
  • If there is load balancer listening on port 80 , forwarding request to OHS listening on port 7777 then in httpd.conf value of parameter Listen should set to 7777 and value of parameter Port should be 80
  • Default HTTP port is 80 and HTTPS by default is 443 i.e. if you use (http but no port at the end) then you are making request on port 80 or if you us (https but no port at the end) then you are making request on port 443)
  • OHS on Linux/Unix is installed and run as non Root user
  • On Unix any service (including OHS) that runs on port < 1024 must be run as root user. You must re-configure OHS so that service is started as root user


Steps to configure OHS to listen on port 80/443

  • If OHS is running then stop OHS as opmnctl stopall (from user that installed OHS)
  • Change owner of $ORACLE_HOME/ohs/bin/.apachectl to root and change permission of this file to 6750(as user root)chown root .apachectl 
    chmod 6750 .apachectl

    Note: .apachectl is hidden file (dot in front signifies hidden file)
  • Change Listen in httpd.conf to 80 and Listen in ssl.conf to 443
  • Start OHS as opmnctl startall (from user that installed OHS)


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Afzal says April 1, 2014

Hi Atul,

In my setup OHS is installed by Oracle user with group DBA.

I had made the below changes in httpd.conf under ORACLE_HOME/ohs/instances/instance1/config/OHS/ohs1

Listen to 80

apachectl seems like a regular file with user Oracle and group Db .

When i logged in as root and changed the owner to root as specified by u then OHS fails to start saying apachectl is owned by root when i login in oracle and and try to start it.

There is another file called called port.prop under ORACLE_HOME/instances/instance1/config/OPMN/opmn and there listen port is mentioned as 7777 like below.


Now i can see the default login page and even port 80 is listening on it. Isnt this strange behaviour?

Is opmn process a different process which also servers http request?

Can you please suggest.

pramod says May 27, 2014

Hi Atul,

When i was trying to start the OHS server i got the status as

bash-3.2$ ./opmnctl status

Processes in Instance: dwpa13_ohs1
ias-component | process-type | pid | status
ohs1 | OHS | 19187 | Stop

I tried to stop and start and it still gave the same issue.

Also tried to force start this but still the same issue.

How to trouble shoot this ?

Also faced issue when starting the BI services

bash-3.2$ ./opmnctl status
Processes in Instance: dwpa13_vmsodwpay002
ias-component | process-type | pid | status
coreapplication_obiccs1 | OracleBIClusterCo~ | 28271 | Alive
coreapplication_obisch1 | OracleBIScheduler~ | 1714 | Stop
coreapplication_obijh1 | OracleBIJavaHostC~ | 28269 | Alive
coreapplication_obips1 | OracleBIPresentat~ | N/A | Down
coreapplication_obis1 | OracleBIServerCom~ | 28270 | Alive

bouncing BI services again didn’t fix the issue.

Please let me know the steps in fixing both such scenarios!

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