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Delta Lake architecture!

πŸ“ Delta Lake is an open-source storage layer that brings ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) transactions to Apache Spark and big data workloads. πŸ“ Using delta lake in a well-organized data lake can aid the integrity and performance of both batches and streaming data solutions. πŸ“ The common misconception made with Delta lake is […]

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Data Analysis in Power BI

Data Analysis in Power BI for Beginners

οƒ˜ Data Analysis is necessary to turn raw data into valuable insights. Analyzing data helps to generate more leads and profit for a company. οƒ˜ Power BI is an industry-standard tool for business intelligence. It allows you to analyze data, create reports, dashboards, and interactive visualizations. οƒ˜ Charts & Visualizations in Power BI contains a […]

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Paginated Reports in Power BI

How to Create Paginated Reports in Power BI

οƒ˜ Paginated Reports are special kinds of reports that can be designed from scratch using charts, graphs, syntax, and expressions on a page layout. οƒ˜ These reports are also called pixel-perfect because every pixel of the report can be designed. οƒ˜ Companies prefer Paginated Reports as they are helpful in printing sales records and invoices. […]

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PowerBI Data Modeling

Introduction to Data Modeling in Power BI

> Power BI Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics tool that turns data into insights. It is used by most companies to create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualization. > Data Modeling Data Modeling is the process of creating data models that define the structure, properties, and relation. A data model can be of […]

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data security in power bi

Implement and Configure Data Security in Power BI

> Power BI Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics tool that turns data into insights. It is used by most companies to create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualization. > Why Security? To analyze huge data generated by the companies, it must be loaded in Power BI. This data can be highly confidential and […]

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Power BI report

How to Design a Report in Power BI Desktop

οƒ˜ Power BI Report Power BI report is the tool that helps in visualizing the data from a multi-perspective view to extract insightful information. οƒ˜ Power BI Report Component It consists of six components that include: Report View, The Ribbon, Report Canvas, Visualization, Fields, and Filters. οƒ˜ Types of the graph that can be made […]

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How to Transform Data in Power BI – Clean and Load Data in Power Query

οƒ˜ Power BI Desktop It is an application that helps connect, extract, transform, load, model, and visualize data. Power BI Desktop also help in building report and model data. οƒ˜ Power Query Editor It can be thought of data preparation engine to sort and structure your data. It is the built-in Business Intelligence instrument present […]

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Azure Data Engineer [DP203] Q/A | Day 2 Live Session Review

The Azure Data Engineer Certification is for Data Engineers who want to use Azure Data Services and components for end-to-end data processes (ingestion, transforming, loading) and for building their automated workflows. In Day 1 Live Session, we got an overview of Azure Data Engineer roles and related Azure Data Services along with a glimpse of […]

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Power BI

Case Study: Display Live Data Streaming Using Power BI Service

Utilizing Azure data ingestion/query services such as Event Hub and Stream Analytics –successfully create a self-streaming Power BI real-time dashboard. Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service which can track and process thousands of events per second. Data from the event hub can be transformed and stored using a […]

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Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion Service: How to Connect Azure Virtual Machines securely through Azure Bastion

πŸ“ Azure Bastion is a type of PaaS Service offered by Microsoft. It helps you connect with Azure Virtual Machines and provides RDP/SSH from the Azure Portal and the Browsers. πŸ“ As VPN requires public IP to connect to machines. Enabling Azure Bastion will eliminate the need for Public IPs & secure the network. πŸ“ […]

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