Power Bi Filters

Power BI Filters: Automatic Filters, Manual Filters, Drill-Through Filters

In this post, we will give you a walkthrough of Power BI Filters, Add a filter into the Report, Format filters in Reports, Types of Filters in Reports and some other components.

✏️*Power BI Filters*

⏩A Report is a multi-perspective view of a dataset, with visuals representing different findings and insights. A report can have one visual or pages full of visuals. Depending on the role of your job, you may be someone who designs reports.

✏️*Types of Filters*

– Visual-level Filters

– Page-level Filters

– Report-level Filters

– Drill through Filters

– Automatic Filters

– Manual filters

– Cross-drill Filters

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In this blog, we cover

✔️Power Bi Filters

✔️Add a filter to Report

✔️Types of Filters

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