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PowerBI Data Modeling

Introduction to Data Modeling in Power BI

> Power BI Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics tool that turns data into insights. It is used by most companies to create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualization. > Data Modeling Data Modeling is the process of creating data models that define the structure, properties, and relation. A data model can be of […]

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data security in power bi

Implement and Configure Data Security in Power BI

> Power BI Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics tool that turns data into insights. It is used by most companies to create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualization. > Why Security? To analyze huge data generated by the companies, it must be loaded in Power BI. This data can be highly confidential and […]

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Power BI report

How to Design a Report in Power BI Desktop

 Power BI Report Power BI report is the tool that helps in visualizing the data from a multi-perspective view to extract insightful information.  Power BI Report Component It consists of six components that include: Report View, The Ribbon, Report Canvas, Visualization, Fields, and Filters.  Types of the graph that can be made […]

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How to Transform Data in Power BI – Clean and Load Data in Power Query

 Power BI Desktop It is an application that helps connect, extract, transform, load, model, and visualize data. Power BI Desktop also help in building report and model data.  Power Query Editor It can be thought of data preparation engine to sort and structure your data. It is the built-in Business Intelligence instrument present […]

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Azure Data Engineer [DP203] Q/A | Day 2 Live Session Review

The Azure Data Engineer Certification is for Data Engineers who want to use Azure Data Services and components for end-to-end data processes (ingestion, transforming, loading) and for building their automated workflows. In Day 1 Live Session, we got an overview of Azure Data Engineer roles and related Azure Data Services along with a glimpse of […]

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Power BI

Case Study: Display Live Data Streaming Using Power BI Service

Utilizing Azure data ingestion/query services such as Event Hub and Stream Analytics –successfully create a self-streaming Power BI real-time dashboard. Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service which can track and process thousands of events per second. Data from the event hub can be transformed and stored using a […]

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Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion Service: How to Connect Azure Virtual Machines securely through Azure Bastion

📍 Azure Bastion is a type of PaaS Service offered by Microsoft. It helps you connect with Azure Virtual Machines and provides RDP/SSH from the Azure Portal and the Browsers. 📍 As VPN requires public IP to connect to machines. Enabling Azure Bastion will eliminate the need for Public IPs & secure the network. 📍 […]

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DAX Functions

What is DAX In Power BI?

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a syntax language that comprises formulae and expressions that are used in data manipulation. Functions, constants, and operators are used in DAX to create expressions. How does it work? DAX works on a combination of three fundamental concepts: ➥ Syntax Syntax refers to the components of the formula you are […]

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ower Query Feature Image

Introduction To Power Query | Microsoft Azure Power BI Tool

This blog post is going to cover all necessary information about Power Query – one of the important and powerful tools in Microsoft Azure Power BI Service. Power Query is a powerful Power BI tool that takes care of Power BI operations in locating, connecting, and loading diversified data across various sources. It also shapes […]

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Power BI vs Tableau

Which Is Better? Microsoft Power BI Vs Tableau

In the world of Data Visualization or BI, we have two options to adopt; they are nothing but Power BI and Tableau. Both Power BI and Tableau are Data Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. They help you perform data manipulation, data analysis, and data visualization to make sense of business data and draw insights. Microsoft […]

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