Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion Service: How to Connect Azure Virtual Machines securely through Azure Bastion

📍 Azure Bastion is a type of PaaS Service offered by Microsoft. It helps you connect with Azure Virtual Machines and provides RDP/SSH from the Azure Portal and the Browsers.

📍 As VPN requires public IP to connect to machines. Enabling Azure Bastion will eliminate the need for Public IPs & secure the network.

📍 It is essential to learn about Azure Bastion as it forms the foundation pillars for the two most crucial certifications of Azure, i.e. “Microsoft Azure Architect” & “Microsoft Azure Architect Design.”

📍 But you must be wondering what Bastion Host is?

➤ Bastion hosts are like Jump servers that are deployed into your Virtual Networks. For each virtual network, you will require one host. And that one host helps you connect to all the Virtual Machines.

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