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OIC Day 2

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC-1Z0-1042) Q/A Day 2 Live Session Review

➤ An Oracle Integration Cloud specialist is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to the integration of enterprise information systems. ➤ In the Day 2 Live Session of the Oracle Integration Cloud training program, we have covered Integration Patterns, Adapters and Web Services ➤ The blog will share the Oracle Integration […]

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[BLOG] Oracle Directory Services (ODS): OUD | OVD | OID | ODSEE

Oracle Directory Service (ODS) is a suite of products from Oracle containing various Directory Services and is used for storing users, groups, and enterprise assets into LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Servers. Visit: to learn about the various Directory Services such as: ✔Oracle Directory Services Enterprise Edition (ODSEE) ✔Oracle Internet Directory (OID) ✔Oracle Virtual […]

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[VLOG]: Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Architecture (5 Min Tech Tip)

Do you Want to Know About Different Pillars of Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Architecture ? Visit: and Watch our Amazing Video on OAM Architecture covering: ✔ Application Tier ✔ Database Tier ✔ Web Tier Also! Visit: and Download Our FREE Exam Question Guide for Oracle Access Manager

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[VLOG] IDAM ( OAM & OIM ) Installation Highlevel Overview

Oracle Identity and Access Manager Administrators covers the complete day-to-day task of installing, configuring, and managing Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Identity Manager. This blog covers Highlevel Installation of IDAM (OAM/OIM) for an administrator. Do you want to learn more about OAM & IDAM Installation? Visit: to learn more.

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Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 12c ( on port 80 / 443

On a UNIX system, TCP ports in a reserved range (typically less than 1024) can only be bound by processes with root privilege. Oracle HTTP Server always runs as a non-root user; that is, the user who installed Oracle Fusion Middleware.  On UNIX, special configuration is required to allow Oracle HTTP Server to bind to […]

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OAM 11g : Authorization headers are not passed to downstream applications

Readers, Just another post on OAM 11g issue that I have recently seen. OAM version could be 11g R1 or later. It is common practice for OAM to pass headers to downstream applications for userid or any other user/session attributes for SSO to work. Recently while working on EBS 12.2 and OAM PS3 SSO integration, I […]

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Multi-Factor Authentication possibilities in OAM 11g

Readers, It’s been sometime since writing here, however I believe I am back with good informative post today. It is very common ask for MFA these days and there are multiple ways to achieve this in Oracle Access Management by using either OAM 11g or combination of OAM and OAAM 11g (and/or using 3rd party products). […]

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FREE Live Demo class with Hands-On : Oracle Access Manager : Sunday

This entry is part 4 of 20 in the series Oracle Access Manager

This Sunday 24th Jan at 7:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST/ 3:30 PM GMT/ 9 PM GMT  I’ll be doing FREE Demo Class on Oracle Access Manager with Hands-on for my Upcoming Oracle Access Manager course. But before I can Jump into this  FREE Demo class with some Hands-On exercises I need your help! I’m starting this […]

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[FREE Live Webinar] Oracle Access Manager Live Webinar: Join k21 Team on 16 January

We’re so glad and excited to share that this year 2016, we got an amazing startup and noticed that you are also seeking the same. How? A couple of days back, we launched our Oracle Fusion Middleware Live Webinar for FREE where Atul Kumar (an Oracle ACE and Fusion MiddleWare and Identity and Access Management […]

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Confused about Oracle Identity Management : See me #Sangam15 Hyderabad on 21/22 Nov 2015

Are you confused about so many Oracle Identity & Access Management (OAM, OIM, OID, OVD, OAG and the list goes on…) ? Do you understand Identity Management Jargons like Authentication, Authorization (Fine-grained vs Coarse-grained), Provisioning, Reconciliation, SoD ? Wish you could automatically creates Users and assign Roles/Responsibilities in Oracle E-Business Suite centrally ? Interested in enhancing […]

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