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Azure Monitoring

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Overview And Step By Step

Azure monitoring services are helpful to monitor all resources very easily that are available in your subscription, with the help of azure alerts you can get alerts for your particular resource via email. In this blog –, you will see an overview of Azure cloud infrastructure monitoring. Here we have covered various monitoring services […]

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load balancer

Azure Load Balancer Overview And Steps To Create

Azure load balancing is used to distribute traffic loads to backend virtual machines, By defining your own load balancing rules you can use a load balancer in a more flexible way. In this blog post at, we will be covering an overview and various major aspects of Azure load balancer. The blog covers: • […]

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storage account

Azure Storage Accounts Overview & Step By Step

The Azure storage account is durable, highly available, and scalable. By using Azure storage account services, we don’t need to worry about space because it will be scaled upon our demand. In this blog – you will see a brief introduction of the Azure storage account, its types, services, and importance. The blog covers: • […]

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Microsoft Azure Architect Design

AZ-304 | Microsoft Azure Architect Design | Step By Step Activity Guides (Hands-On Labs)

The Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304 Exam meshes towards those who advise collaborators and translate business requirements into scalable, protected, and well-founded solutions. Check out the blog at where we have mentioned all about AZ-304 that covers all the Activity Guides which you’ll need to pass the AZ304 exam with flying colors as well […]

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Planning of virtual networks

Planning And Recommendations Of Virtual Networks

In this blog, you will see how to design a Virtual Network, we have discussed the planning and recommendation of virtual networks from Azure Solution Architect Design AZ-304 perspective. Check out the blog post at Areas covered in this blog post: • What things you need to remember before taking subscription for single and […]

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Microsoft Azure Architect

[AZ-304] Microsoft Azure Architect Design (beta): Everything You Need To Know

The AZ-304 exams replace the older AZ-301 exam, which will retire on September 30, 2020 Check out this blog post at to know more about AZ-304 and other questions like, why is this certification important? What domains does it cover? What are the eligibility criteria? How to prepare for it? And whatnot. This blog […]

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Design Authentication and Authorization

Want to get an idea about the authentication and authorization and other security aspects recommend in the cloud? Check out this blog post at K21Academy –, where you will get to know about the design authentication and authorization in brief from Azure Solution Architect Design AZ-304 perspective. Areas covered in this blog post: • […]

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