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This is in continuation of my previous post.

idp.xml: This is the Identity provider metadata file. Don’t modify this file while placing it in fedlet configuration directory.

idp-extended.xml: This file is generated by Fedlet by default. Copy the entityID from idp.xml to idp-extended.xml.

fedlet.cot: This is the circle of trust file. This signifies what all providers are engaged in Circle of Trust. Specify the IDP entityID, SP entity ID for paramter sun-fm-trusted-providers using a comma separator. Make sure that sun-fm-cot-status is Active. I will cover the aspects of multiple identity providers in a separate post. Ensure that cot name is correct in idp-extended.xml and sp-extended.xml files.


This file provides logging setup, Provider classes details such as FedletSessionProvider, JKSKeyProvider, AMSignatureProvider and FedletDataStoreProvider.

This file also contains settings used for configuring signing and encryption pieces.


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