Secure Data and Application in Cloud Security: Day 7 [Recap]

What do you understand by the term Storage? Well, I know as most of you would be thinking:thinking_face: it’s a place to store something. That something could be anything from the national secret to scraps.

The point is whether a security is required or not to protect that Storage? Absolutely Yes, Security should be the first requirement for any such place where we store data.

For example, let’s take an example of a physical data centre.

Do you think anyone can go inside a data centre and take pics for Instagram :selfie:?No, after Pentagon, I can say that any data centre is the second most secure place, and it’s not a museum where anyone can buy a ticket:admission_tickets:and enter.

So on that note, welcome to the day seven recap blog on cloud security, where we discussed storage security:star-struck:.

In this blog, you will find insights on:

:dart:What is a Storage account?
:dart:Different types of access tiers?
:dart:What is Data Sovereignty?
:dart:Storage service encryption?
:dart:Secure transfer? And many other things.So why wait:man-shrugging::skin-tone-2:? Let’s dive into this blog to explore the depths of storage security:

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