Azure Migrate And Cloud Migration Strategy

:cloud:Migration to the Cloud is today’s most popular trend in the IT industry, mostly due to rapid digital transformation. The trend is finding its scope all across irrespective of the size of an organization.

But the real question that continues to haunt many is, ‘which is the best cloud option?’:thinking_face:

as we have many cloud providers to choose from like migration to Azure, AWS, GCP etc.Migrating to Microsoft’s Azure is the most sought option for many firms facing challenges with the on-premises infrastructure:desktop_computer:.Reasons to consider Azure for your cloud migration!!:dollar:Most cost-effective, before, during and after migration:
Azure Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit enables customers with savings up to 67% compared to AWS:star-struck:High confidence, low risk migration:
Microsoft is investing in tools that help you plan and migrate, with hybrid support to reduce the risk of an all or nothing approachBenefits of Azure Migration

:star:Enhanced scalability
:star:Increased Availability
:star:Deployment Flexibility
:star:Effective backup storageIn blog, you will see an overview of Azure Migrate, Here I have covered various important aspects of Azure Migrate Services that you should know before starting Azure.Topics covered in this blog are below:

:heavy_check_mark:What is Azure Migrate?
:heavy_check_mark:Benefits of Azure Migrate
:heavy_check_mark:Azure Agentless Migration
:heavy_check_mark:Azure Agent-Based Migration
:heavy_check_mark:Azure Cloud Migration Strategy
:heavy_check_mark:Steps to Implement Virtual Machine replication via ASR

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