[Recap] Day 3: Manage Identity and Access in Cloud, Part- II

With each passing day:calendar:, gigabytes of data are generated, and hackers have a banquet:eyes: to choose from unless we as security specialists, intervene :no_entry_sign:.One quick question:thinking_face: before we get into the third session’s cloud security reviews!

Are you going to let anyone inside your home:flushed:?:x:No, no, no!This demonstrates the importance of security:male-police-officer::skin-tone-2: and managing identity and access:closed_lock_with_key: even in the real world.:earth_africa:On day 3, we systematically learned about manage identity and access, how to organise resources,:books: Subscriptions, PIM, and other items:+1::skin-tone-2:.

As the name implies, PIM is a :deaf_woman::skin-tone-2:privileged service; therefore, don’t expect it to be free.

To use it, you’ll need a :dizzy:Premium P2 licence.We also did a LAB using AD Connects,:link: which works as a bridge between your on-premise and Azure AD.

:barely_sunny:You still have a lot to learn.:man-running::skin-tone-2: Aren’t you looking forward to it? Dive into the blog https://k21academy.com/cloudsecday3

Also, if you want to learn cloud security :male-police-officer::skin-tone-2:from experts, don’t forget to join our :free: class on: K21academy.com/az50002

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