[Recap] Day 8: Secure Data and Application in Cloud Part-II

What do you think of the word base? Confused!:thinking_face:  Let’s simplify it by adding prefix Data.Let’s talk about the Database:Do you think it’s essential to secure a company database?I must say no doubt that it is a backbone of a company and a sweet spot for hackers.

So it is very critical to secure a Database as all the data, whether personal or professional, are stored in a database.With that note, let’s dive into day eight recap of cloud security, where we discussed topics like

:dart:What is a key vault?
:dart:What is Database auditing?
:dart:What is a Data Box?Also,

we covered concepts like:

:point_right::skin-tone-2:Authentication methods for a SQL
:point_right::skin-tone-2:Discovery and classification.
:point_right::skin-tone-2:Vulnerability assessments.
:point_right::skin-tone-2:Advanced threat protection.
:point_right::skin-tone-2:Data masking
:point_right::skin-tone-2:Transparent Data Encryption
:point_right::skin-tone-2:Always Encrypted,

and many more.

We also cover a few extra topics which you will find when you dive into this blog. So why wait? Jump on: k21academy.com/cloudsecday8

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