How to find Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA – RBACX) version

Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) earlier Sun Role Manager (SRM) provides ability to define and manage roles and automate identity based controls. OIA also provides Attestation and SoD (Segregation of Duties). For list of OIA features click here

This post covers steps to find version of OIA installed on system.

Note: Latest version of OIA is 11gR1 PS1 ( BP03 ( as of Sep 2012. There is no OIA 11gR2 (11.1.2) version available yet (Sep 2012). (More on IDM 11gR2 here)

There are multiple ways to find OIA version running on system and here are steps

Option 1) Check from OIA Admin Console : Login to OIA and click About on top right corner


Option 2 : From OIA (RBACX) log file : rbacx.log records version of OIA (Location of OIA is defined in file by property log4j.appender.file )

For Example for OIA you should see output like
11:41:51,909 INFO [ContextLifecycleListener] Oracle Identity Analytics (build: Started

For (BP03) you should see output like
14:27:50,822 INFO [ContextLifecycleListener] Oracle Identity Analytics (build: Started


Option 3: From WAR file : exploded RBACX_war_directory/WEB-INF/classes/VERSION.txt and look for Implemetation-Version tag


cat VERSION.txt
#Tue Feb 21 15:51:01 CST 2012
Implementation-Title=Oracle Identity Analytics


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