Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) : Global Users vs OIA Users : 1Z0-545 Security Models in OIA

Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) is an application from Oracle Identity Management Suite that provides role management and automates identity based controls. OIA was earlier Sun Role Manager (SRM)and before that it was Vaau‘s RBACX.  More on OIA Architecture here and high level OIA installation steps here

In this post I am going to cover  two type of Users in OIA, i.e. Global Users and OIA Users.

Explain difference between OIA users and Global users is also one of OIA Certification topic under Security Models in OIA

  • In OIA there are two type of users
    a) OIA Users – These are the users that are used to login to OIA (rbacx) User Interface .
    b) Global Users – These are users loaded to OIA’s Identity warehouse either from user provisioning software (OIM, Sun Identity Manager) or user OIA bulk import or manually by using OIA UI (Identity Warehouse -> Users)


OIA Users :

1. OIA users are users that can login to OIA application (/rbacx)
2. OIA users are stored in table rbx_users in OIA schema (rbacxservice)
3. OIA users are created from OIA UI Administration -> Access Control -> OIA Users : New OIA User
4. When you install OIA , system automatically creates one OIA user rbacxadmin (with default password password)


OIA Global Users :
1. Global users are users under Identity Warehouse
Global users are stored in table globalusers in OIA schema (rbacxservice) 
3. Global users can’t login to OIA application (/rbacx)
4. Global users are created from

a) OIA UI Identity Warehouse -> Users-> New User
 OIA import job from User provisioning software (OIM, Sun Identity Manager) integrated with OIA
c) OIA import job from csv file

5. When you install OIA there are NO global users, you must load identity warehouse to create global users

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Vineeth says October 14, 2016

I am from OAM background and very new to Oracle privileged account manager and Oracle Identity analytics concepts.
Could you please share documents or anything related to start with the concepts , installation and all.

Thanks in advance.

    Atul Kumar says October 15, 2016

    @Vineeth, OIA is now being merged with Oracle Identity Manager and names as Oracle Identity Governance . For OPAM installation and configuration is same as OIM/OIG installation configuration.

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