Business Structure (Business Unit) in OIA : Basics you must know

I discussed about Resource Type, ResourcePolicies and OIA vs Global Users, In this post I am going to cover Business Structure (aka Business Unit – BU) in Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA)

Users in an Organization can be categories in departments/sub-department, In OIA department/sub-department are represented by Business Structure (aka Business Unit)

1. Business Structure can have departments with many levels of Hierarchy (Business Structure as member of another Business Structure).

2. To create Business Structure in OIA, login to OIA console -> Identity Warehouse -> Business Structures ->

All Operations in OIA (like Identity Certification & Identity Auditing) are performed based on a Business Structure (More on Identity Certification and Identity Auditing in OIA later).

4. Business Structures in OIA are stored in table BUSINESSUNITS (under OIA schema – default name rbacxservice)

5. Business Structures may have managers assigned who will be in charge of reviewing access to user in that business structure. (Manager information is stored in column BUSINESSUNITMANAGERS of table BUSINESSUNITS)


Note: In OIA You can create User Entitlement Certification for an Organization and Manager of that Organization can then review access privileges of users in that Organization.

7. Apart from manager assigned to Business Structure (or Business Unit), a Business Structure can have Administrator (stored in column BUSINESSUNITADMINISTRATOR of table BUSINESSUNITS)

NoteIn OIA You can create Business Structure Rule (that can define which user belongs to which Business Structure) and any change in rule for particular Business Structure can be notified to Business Structure Administrator.

8. Business Structures have Global Users assigned to them and Global Users can be assigned to one or more Business Structure.

9. Association between Global Users and Business Structure is stored in table BU_GLOBALUSERS (in rbacxservice schema of OIA)

10. Apart from Global Users, Business Structure can have association with Roles and Policies (More on ROLES in OIA later)

a). Association between a Role and Business Structure (or Business Unit) is stored in table BU_ROLES

b). Association between a Policy and Business Structure (or Business Unit) is stored in table BU_POLICIES

11. To associate a Global User in OIA with Business Structure

a) Select Identity Warehouse -> Users -> search and select User -> select tab Business Unit and then add Business Unit
b) Select Identity Warehouse -> Business Structures -> search and select Business Structure -> select tab Users and then add Users
c) You can run Business Structure Rule to associate Users to Business Structure Rule that you define in Rule.

12. To associate a Role in OIA with Business Structure
a) Select Identity Warehouse -> Roles -> search and select Role. Select tab Business Structure tab and then add Business Structure
b) Select Identity Warehouse -> Business Structures -> search and select Business Structure -> select tab Roles and then add Role

12. Users can also be associated to Business Structure using Business Structure rule (where you can defined rule like if User’s attribute department is finance then assign them to finance Business Structure. When this Business Rule is executed then all users with attribute department with value finance are assigned to Business Structure Finance)


13. Business Structures can be loaded in to OIA in bulk using CSV file. More  here on importing Business Structures using Import/Export in OIA


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Bikas says November 21, 2012

Hi Atul,

Is there any way Business Structure Rule in OIA ( can automate periodic and global user assigned to my required Business Unit like Finance?

Another is..

Business Structure have Glibal Users assigned to them and Global users can be assigned to one or more Business Structure…It is possible to done automatic?

    Atul Kumar says November 21, 2012

    Good requirement, I’ll check this now as I would need same for my customer. I am going to drop a mail to you from my personal mail ID and share phone number so if you are interested then lets catch up on phone .

Bikas says November 21, 2012

Thanks Autil for your reply…let me know if it is possible and how it will be done? Procedure or steps ..

If you got a procedure plz drop a mail or let me know by comment.

I wil call you weekend(sat or sun) to share this topic..

Bikas says November 22, 2012

Hi Atul,

Do you have got any updation about Business Structure Rule automation periodic…??



Atul Kumar says November 23, 2012

@ Bikas,

Look at Events Listeners in OIA , this should solve your problem

Bikas says November 26, 2012

My updation will come from OIM.I am not updated user attributes from OIA user attributes.User attributes is updated from OIM and will import to OIA.When import user updated attributes that time event listeners not working.Only OIA user attributes changed then event listeners fired otherwise nothing.

Please see is there any configuration Business structure Rule will run periodically not one time run i.e Business structre Rule run every 3 mint. interval.

I am not getting your cell no.Please provide me again.

Bikas says November 27, 2012

Hi Atul,

Event listeners will work only if OIA user attributes changed.But I am changed user attributes from OIM site not OIA Site.By the by in OIA “Run Business Structure Membership Rules” one time not periodic means example every 3 mint. interval.

Plz update me..

Atul Kumar says November 27, 2012

@ Bikas,
If you want OIA identity warehouse to be updated on update in OIM then you do that via Worflow . Share what information you want automatically updated in OIA then I’ll share name of Workflow that you can schedule to run on regular basis (depending on timestamp)

Mail me your phone number and timezone and we can catch up as we may have common OIA use cases.

Bikas says November 28, 2012

Hi Atul,

I an unable to get your email id.Please send your email id.My email id is “”.Time zone India Mumbai GMT+5:30.

I want Business Structure Rule will rum regular basis so that when new user has come in OIA Warehouse.Then Business structure Rule will automatically assigned that user to respective BU Unit like BU Finance Dept.How Business Structure Rule will run regular Basis?
Is it mandatory Business Structure Rule will run only manual basis.

Plz update me..

Atul Kumar says November 28, 2012

atul [at]

Bikas says November 28, 2012

Hi Atul,

Thanks. I will catch you soon.

remiks says June 5, 2013

Hello Atul,
I have the same problem. I want to be able to run BU rules on a periodically basis, is that possible with workflow ?

Thank you very much.


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