What are AWS Outposts?

✅AWS Outposts enable businesses to run AWS infrastructure on their own premises. It increases the hybrid cloud system’s consistency.

✅AWS Outposts combines the greatest features of two eras, on-premises infrastructure, and cloud computing, into a single service.

✅The adaptability of AWS Outposts is what makes it so popular. Businesses can build a consistent hybrid user experience using the same APIs, hardware, tools, and functionality across on-premises and cloud systems.

✈ Advantages of AWS Outposts

👉Security: AWS Outposts is a world-class solution. Because the company’s data is sensitive and confidential, simply transferring it to the cloud could be dangerous.

👉Virtual Servers in Local- You can run Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) on local infrastructure with Outposts.

👉Upgradation- AWS Outpost is more likely to receive next-generation technology upgrades than typical on-premises servers.

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