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Building Oracle RAC Part II , Install virtual disk and network card

This is Part II of Step by Step RAC configuration on your laptop/desktop without investing anything extra on hardware (Free) using virtual server, virtual hard disk and virtual network cards. For first two posts visit Try installing Orcale RAC on your laptop RAC Part I – Install Virtual Machine and Linux In this Part II, […]

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Step by Step build RAC : Part 1 : Install VMWare and Linux

This is first step for step by step Installation of Oracle RAC Database on single machine using VMWare Server. for overview visit Broad level for Part I Install VMWare and Linux – Download, Register and Install VMWare Server – Download and Install Red Hat Linux ES 3 – Add virtual network card for interconnect […]

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Are you scared of Oracle RAC Database ?

I saw an interesting post on Oracle Real Application Cluster Database at Kirk’S Blog Who’s afraid of the big bad RAC Biggest challenge in learning / understanding RAC is lack of hands on experience because of expensive hardware, network cards, interconnect and cluster file system. In this and coming posts I’ll cover step by step […]

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Upgrade Oracle Database to : SOA Suite Install Part II

Next step in installing SOA Suite after installing database is to upgrade this oracle database to version (4547817). For Oracle Database Installation Step and Software location click here If you selected Standard Edition during database installation, you can skip this database upgrade step. This is because for Enetrprise Edition Database, SOA […]

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oraInventory in Oracle

You all might be familiar with oraInventory & its importance so lets take a look at few common things about it like binary/xml inventory, What to do if Inventory is corrupted , What is global / Local Inventory and where to find documentation related to oraInventory . What is oraInventory ? oraInventory is repository (directory) […]

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Hot Backup Scripts for database backup and apps backup

Yesterday I discussed about backup Overview & cold backup if you have not gone though it you can read it from Yesterday I mentioned that I am going to post about hot backup scripts , here it comes Enable Archive Log First check if your database is in Archive mode SQL> archive log list […]

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