Are you scared of Oracle RAC Database ?

I saw an interesting post on Oracle Real Application Cluster Database at Kirk’S Blog Who’s afraid of the big bad RAC

Biggest challenge in learning / understanding RAC is lack of hands on experience because of expensive hardware, network cards, interconnect and cluster file system. In this and coming posts I’ll cover step by step Oracle RAC installation and configuration on single laptop/desktop using VMWare Server without investing anything extra on hardware (using two virtual machines, virtual network cards and virtual shared disk for Oracle RAC database shared files system ).

Here are broad level steps for configuring/building Oracle RAC Database on laptop/desktop machine (without investing any thing on hardware).

— Install VMWare Server on your desktop or laptop
— Create a Virtual Linux Machine RAC1
— Install Linux Operating on RAC1
— Add virtual shared disk for voting disk, ocr and ASM
— Add virtual network card for private interconnect
— Configure network card and virtual shared disk
— Clone Virtual Machine from RAC1 and RAC2
— Configure User Equivalency and other Oracle RAC prereqs.
— Download and install Oracle RAC Software (Clusterware)
— Download and install RAC Database software using ASM

Download :
Download following software required in building your own Oracle RAC Database
Download VMWare Server Console
Download Red Hat Linux ES 3
Download Oracle Database ( & Oracle Clusterware (

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Firas says July 10, 2007


You are great my friend. This is exactly what every DBA needs to do… waitinf for more on this.

Keep it up.


Anonymous says July 10, 2007

Do i need to buy license for Red hat Linux?

I want to install and learn in my laptop. Please give me link to download for free….

Atul Kumar says July 10, 2007

Unfortunately ES is not free, try same on desktop version to see if this works

arindam says July 13, 2007

HI Atul,
Thanks a lot for ur post regarding step by step Installation of Oracle RAC Database on single machine ….
But for nrtwork card what type of network card is needed for used oracle clusterware. Because what I found there are diff types of netwotk card available with diff options. If you plz elaborate also



Atul Kumar says July 13, 2007

Hi Arindan,
Can you elaborate on what all kind of network card you are talking about here ? Is this w.r.t. VMWare you are talking about ? If yes check my next post at

Anonymous says July 26, 2007


CentOS works just fine. I have now 10G database and application on two different notebooks. Next time I will use WMware on CentOS to install RAC on one + Application on another PC.
Great site Atul!


Anonymous says August 5, 2007


Heartly Congrats for one year to your blog. You did hard work.

My Best Wishes are with you for your future career.

Ramnik Gupta

Atul Kumar says August 6, 2007

Thanks Ramnik.

yasser says September 7, 2007

Hi Atul,

As Redhat ES 3 is not freeware, can i use CentOS 3.9 version for Oracle RAC implementation.
Do i need to install RPM’s as specified in this web site…..
If yes will i find same RPM’s name in CentOS as you specified for Redhat ES 3 version.


Atul Kumar says September 7, 2007

Check installation guides mentioned in this post for CenOS RPM’s specific to your version of OS

Anonymous says September 19, 2007

Hello Atul

This is kamal.Your efforts are really great man.You are really doing a grt work. My best wishes are for you

Atul can we use fedora for Oracle Rac implementation


Atul Kumar says September 19, 2007

Thanks Kamal, Yes You can use fedora. Check o.s. patches and kernel setting w.r.t. Fedora in RAC Intallation guide mentioned above

saw says October 31, 2007

Hi Atul
i have just visited this site and i am new in RAC environment but i find there is way to do this setup easily as you have given the step by step installation procedure online.
so thanks for all the efforts that u put on this …

Sherab says October 24, 2011

Can i get a step wise installation guide for ORACLE RAC? I require this urgently. The installation is on RHEL 5.5

Thanks in advance

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