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So lets continue with Oracle CPU patch for July , yesterday I updated steps to install patch for Portal Database (Remote Database ) Installed using Rep CA .

1.3.2 Apply Application Server patch on infrastructure Tier
In Application Server Infrastructure consist of OID+SSO & database to store metadata for OID & SSO.
Patch number mentioned here are for Infrastructure version with database version
The patch number for 10g Infra tier with database is 5225797 but in order to apply this patch you should be on opatch version . If you are not sure how to check opatch version Click Here
Apply opatch version patch
Install Patch 5225797 , assume you have downloaded patch at /u01/patch/cpu/jul06/5225797 then go to that directory and
— opatch apply (If you encounter opatch not found then include it in path like export PATH=$PATH/$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch as opatch is in $OH/OPatch Directory)
You should see OPatch succeeded Then
sh /u01/patch/cpu/jul06/5225797/ from root
cd $ORACLE_HOME/cpu/CPUJul2006
sqlplus “/as sysdba”
SQL> startup ( Start database )
SQL> spool catcpu.log (to store output of catcpu.sql in log file)
SQL> @catcpu.sql
SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql ( Compile Database Objects)

This will complete your Installation but if you try to start ldap server after this your OID will not compe up. This is because oid library files in $OH/lib32 folder were overwritten by database patch . Follow metalink note # 361800.1

This Complete your Jul CPU patch on Infrastructure Tier .

In order to apply CPU patch on Application Tier on AS version patch number is 5249970. When you try to apply this patch on Middle Tier you might encounter error like

MISSING_COMPONENT : oracle.rsf.rdbms_rsf,
MISSING_COMPONENT : oracle.rsf.rdbms_rsf,
Depending on your Infarstructure Database Version .

Why you get this error ?
How to apply CPU Patch on 10g Application Server Middle Tier ?
How to apply CPU patch on E-Business Suite ?

Coming in next post …

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Ken McCary says February 6, 2007

The solution is listed on Note:338338.1 on Metalink. There is a 10g patchset that must be applied before you can use OPatch. -Ken McCary

Ken McCary says February 6, 2007

The solution is on Metalink Note:338338.1 — Basically, you must apply a 10g database patchset first before OPatch is enabled for patching. -Ken McCary

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