Applying CPU patches on AS Middle Tier and E-Business Suite

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Overview of CPU
Apply July CPU / Security Patch
Applying Oracle CPU Patch on Database & Infrastructure Tier

Lets start from where we left last , so we applied CPU i.e. July Security Patch on Standalone database & on Infrastructure database . Now today we will apply on Middle Tier & then on E-Business Suite 11i.

1.3.3 Apply Application Server patch on Middle Tier
–Patch number mentioned here are for Middle Tier version
— The patch number for 10g Middle tier is 5249970 but in order to apply this patch you should be on opatch version . If you are not sure how to check opatch version Click Here
— Apply opatch version patch
— Install Patch 5249970 assume you have downloaded patch at /u01/patch/cpu/jul06/5249970 then go to that directory and
opatch apply (If you encounter opatch not found then include it in path like export PATH=$PATH/$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch as opatch is in $OH/OPatch Directory)

As mentioned in my previous post it will complain that
MISSING_COMPONENT : oracle.rsf.rdbms_rsf,
MISSING_COMPONENT : oracle.rsf.rdbms_rsf, Depending on your infrastructure Database Version .

If you ever wonder why Middle Tier is complaining about database component i.e. rdbms then check metalink note 338338.1 (This is self explanatory, if you don’t understand this note then leave comment here and I’ll explain detail )
Now apply database patch ( or depending on what error message you get above – You need to apply software part only i.e. ./runInstaller) after that
— cd /u01/patch/cpu/jul06/5249970
— opatch apply
You should see OPatch succeeded Then
— sh /u01/patch/cpu/jul06/5249970/ from root

This Completes your Application Server CPU or Security Patches for July

Hey its not finished yet , we are left with E-Business Suite , Collaboration Jul Patch and held on this is not enough Oracle October Security / CPU Patch are scheduled to release on Monday . I don’t know if you are tired of reading CPU patches this whole week but atleast I am sick of writing on CPU , though applying CPU might be just 2-3 hours Job but believe me Understanding them & documenting them is big pain.

I need your feedback / comments on CPU, I updated here and in my previous Updates & based on feedback I am going to write on CPU for Oracle Apps or E-Business Suite .

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Anonymous says October 21, 2006

Hi Atul,

Thanks a lot for giving indepth details on patches. I am finding it very useful. Keep up your good work. I could read your materials only after a month due to my busy schedule.

Thanks a lot once again.


Atul Kumar says October 21, 2006

Hi Govida,
Thanks a lot for feedback.

Now you can raise questions & doubts in Forum dedicated for Apps DBA’s at

Apps DBA Forum

Sathmika says January 3, 2007

Hi Atul,
Is it possible to split the CPU patches?
We like to fix the Apache security issues. So we are planning on applying the HTTP Server Patches alone to fix Apache issues and do the Developer Suite and E-business Suite patches later (may be in a couple of months).


Anonymous says January 3, 2007

Hi Atul,

Out of the CPU patches, is it possible to apply only the HTTP server patches to fix the Apache issues and not do the Dev 6i and E-business suite patching?

Atul Kumar says January 3, 2007

Yes its possible to apply only HTTP Server patches.

Ritesh says February 13, 2008

This site is extremely good.each topic is clearly explained

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