Oracle Apps Web Server Apache, Login Troubleshooting

This week I will focus on troubleshooting of Oracle Apps and there are fundamentals of troubleshooting :
– You should know about that particular component
log files are quite powerful and important in finding cause of problem
– try to understand flow between various components

For Oracle Applications Web Server which is build on Apache 1.3..X version and also called as Oracle-Apache . Oracle Apps Web Server bundled with Applications is version but you can also install & configure 10g Application Server Version. In this post I ‘ll focus on Web Server Version only .

Most of the things about Web Server ( Oracle-Apache Server ), I have already covered in my site at

If you don’t understand any topic on above four pages then drop a mail to me or leave a comment here .

So when you try to access login page via URL http://hostname.domainname:portnumber
and if you don’t see page you need to look into log files . As you know there are two main component of Web Server Core Apache & Jserv ( for Java requests)
Core Apache Log Files
Core Apache log files are in directory $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs
– error_log or error_log.$timestamp
– error_log_pls or error_log_pls.$timestamp

Jserv Log files
Jserv log files are in directory $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/logs
and JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ) logs at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/logs/jvm

Check if you see any error message in Jserv/logs mod_jserv.log or jserv.log.
jserv.log by default is disabled so if you want to find any error message w.r.t. jserv.log then change log=false to log=true in jserv.properies and bounce webserver/apache using and check any error message.

When you start Apache you should see clean start up of Web Server & no error message in this log files.

Common Problems in Starting Apache
Here is the list of common problems while starting web server which might be useful to you in appsdba Interview are
– Could not bind port (Port already in Use)
– found .pid file ( When Apache starts it creates .pid file in logs directory and when you shutdown apache it cleans this .pid file so if this file is already there then Apache will not start. Fix: Simply move this file
If there is no error messages in error_log or error_log_pls then there might be issues in starting Jserv component of web server ( which caters Java requests by mod_jserv)
– mobile is enabled in disable it if you are not using it .

If you mistype any directive in Apache ( httpd.conf or any conf file ) Apache will not start & it will not write even in error_log in that case it will report any error message related to mis configuration in directive in file $COMMON_TOP/ admin/ log/ $CONTEXT_NAME/ adapcctl.txt

I hope once you have error message you can check related hits in metalink or oracle forums or any other Apps Forum. Most of the error message are because of changes , so check what changes you made recently.

Once you are able to access http://hostname.domainname:port and if you are getting any error message that means your web server ( Core Apache ) is working but there are various component called as modules and there may be issues with those modules which we will check these modules in next post. few modules of our interest are
-mod_ossl (If you have ssl enabled on web server )
-mod_osso (If single sign on server is enabled on web server)

If you don’t know port number of your web server you can check it in file $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/httpd.conf with directive Listen & Port

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Anonymous says October 17, 2006

Hi Atul
please check this page is not working
Thanks & Regards

Anonymous says October 17, 2006

Hi Atul,

Can you please dwell more into the files like oprocmgr.conf and other apache related files.


Atul Kumar says October 17, 2006

Naga, thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Configuration files in Apache are listed on my site at Apache conf files Do let me know if you need more info and I’ll update it for you .


Atul Kumar says October 17, 2006

For me link apc02.html is working . Could you please try again & let me know what error message you are getting.

Anonymous says October 19, 2006

Hi Atul,

Can you please also discuss about Workflow Mailer setup? Or please do let me know the link if you have already discussed it elsewhere.


Atul Kumar says October 19, 2006

Nice suggestions. I thought of discussing it past but slipped from my mind . Now I have save it under list of to be published .

Keep suggesting .


lotfi says December 18, 2006

i user mod_jserv Module and i would add a Jserv Server to the CoreGroup one. how to ?

Atul Kumar says December 18, 2006

You can Use OANM or Just edit context xml ,

$APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME.xml & change parameter

oacore_nprocs oa_var=”s_oacore_nprocs”1/oacore_nprocs

From 1 to 2 for 2 processes

oacore_nprocs oa_var=”s_oacore_nprocs”2/oacore_nprocs

This is for OACore Group, Similarly you can increase for Disco Group

disco_nprocs oa_var=”s_disco_nprocs” osd=”Solaris”1/disco_nprocs

After that run Autoconfig.

For any Issues / doubts raise question at forum

Anonymous says March 28, 2007

Hi Atul,

Can you explain about functionality and purpose about main configuration files for apache..(,,httpd.conf,httpd_pls.confetc) in detail
Jagatheesh R

pkraj17 says May 4, 2007

hi Atul,

why we need to bounce apache regularly & why the processes gets runaway.


Atul Kumar says May 4, 2007

You don’t have to bounce apache regularly unless there is some issue like Java memory leaks or any other problem.

There might be bugs in any of standard or custom program because of this it becomes runaway or there may be other reasons like some one (user or other process) terminated underlying database process.

VJ says May 31, 2007

Hi Atul,
Can i know where i can download only Oracle HTTP Server.I dont want complete Oracle Application Server but i want only Oracle HTTP Server.

Atul Kumar says May 31, 2007

You can install only HTTP Server from Oracle Application Server Companion CD


(Its in bottom of page)

jyotirmay says June 21, 2007

Dear Atul;

While running TXKScripts in the
database Tier
Throwing Error:
Invalid Command (Core Dump)
Pl Suggest me in Resolving the same.
Thanks / Regards

Atul Kumar says June 21, 2007

Kindly raise it in forum at with syntax you are using while running this command

sanora600 says January 9, 2008

Hi Atul,

Your BLOG is just for 6/12 months experience guy. Can you please dig in detail about oracle apache configuration file. Any one who have 6 months exp in oracle apps can eaisly say about the files and it containts. Tunning Apache.

This is my second scrap to you. Please don’t dissapoint me. At least reply me… what is the reason you don’t want to write abt the detail abt anything in APPS.

Atul says January 9, 2008

I want to cover advanced topics as well but viewership for advanced posts are less. I’ll try to post soon on tuning Apache/Web Server

genius.ashwin says May 18, 2009

Hi Atul,

in httpd.conf , it first route to srm.conf and access.cong , but oth are empty files , what is the need of routing to an empty file?
and what does srm.conf and access.conf do being an empty file ?


Atul Kumar says May 18, 2009

access.conf – Specifies what hosts and users are allowed access to what documents and services

srm.conf – Specifies how your server’s documents and organized and formatted

In Oracle apps, content of these files are part of httpd.conf and apps.conf .

Why to even call these files from httpd.conf ? Each of these files must exist, even if it is empty; otherwise, the httpd daemon will refuse to run.

genius.ashwin says May 18, 2009

Hi Atul,

Thanks a lot for the answer.

If possible can you provide a brief over view about J2EE application Deployment files ,and server.xml file , how they link , and how exactly oc4j works in background(I mean like from httpd.conf –> mod_oc4j ..and then how it links to .ear files etc)

That would be a great help to understand OC4j concept.

Thanks and Regards,

jgabay says December 2, 2009

Do you have any tips/doc on performance tuning of the Apache on EBS? Want to know if we can do anything to speed it up.

Atul Kumar says December 10, 2009

@ jgabay,
In my opinion there is nothing much in Apache to tune however you can look into tuning JVM’s part of Jserv (for 11i) or OC4J (for R12).

Search for Jserv/OC4J/JVM tuning in Metalink.

Main think to look for is number of JVM’s , Garbage Collection, Java throughput …

Sanjeev Nanda says January 6, 2010

Hi Atul,

Please let me know
how exactly oc4j works in background(I mean like from httpd.conf –> mod_oc4j and then how it links to .ear files,.war files etc)

That would be a great help to understand OC4j concept.


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Mike says May 6, 2010

Used your site to troubleshoot after a clone
was made from a Prod e biz suite to a Dev .
Patching was not up to date so oracle support help was not there .Your site helped direct us on how to troubleshoot and finally everything was up and running .



priya says October 5, 2010

sir i need some more issues related to concurrent manager and also forms can u send me a mail for my id plz sir

kiran says January 18, 2011


It is very useful us, i am expecting more troubleshooting root cause analysis like Apache,Concurrent,Forms issues and Database tuning can you please help the same.

Thanks in adavnce

Ramakrishna says March 18, 2011

How to trobleshoot apache and forms and reports in oracle application dba

santosh says June 13, 2012

Hi Atul..

I am working on 11.5.10 environment.. My Apache service are coming down regularly in every 24 hours..

Target Name=hrprod-:Infrastructure hrprod_sdzpapp01:APPL_TOP Context
Target type=Oracle E-Business Suite Infrastructure
Occurred At=Jun 13, 2012 5:34:50 AM EDT
Message=Target is down; 1 members are down: hrprod-Apache_hrprod_sdzpapp01
Notification Rule Name=Oracle E-Business Suite Infrastructure
Notification Rule Owner=SYSMAN

After getting this alert from 10g grid i use to bounce the apache services.

Please let me know where i need to check for this error.. and how to resolve this permanently..



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