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Interview Questions for Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

Top 25 Interview Questions for Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

Today’s cloud computing job market in Microsoft Azure is one of the raging cloud service providers today and you must be thoroughly prepared for the interview process. So, are you preparing for Azure interview questions to make your next cloud computing move? If so, read on for practice Azure interview questions and answers. In this […]

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Oracle EBS Cloud Manager

Oracle EBS Cloud Manager: New Release (20.2.1) is Now Available

EBS Cloud Manager is a tool through which you can manage E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) used to Create, Manage, Configure Oracle applications on Oracle Cloud (OCI). Want to know more about EBS Cloud Manager? Read the blog post at to learn more. The blog post covers: 1. EBS Cloud Manager Overview […]

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Google Cloud Functions: Step by Step

Introduction to Google Cloud Functions: Step-by-Step

Google Cloud Functions is a scalable pay-as-you-go function as a service (FaaS) offering to run the code with zero server management. It is one of the Compute service offered by the Google Cloud Platform. It is a serverless execution environment for building and connecting cloud services. With Cloud Functions, users can write simple, single-purpose functions […]

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AZ 303 VS AZ-304

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect | AZ-303 vs AZ-304

Curious to know about the Architect solution after gaining basic knowledge of the Azure cloud. Azure Architect certification is in two parts. One part is related to the theoretical part and another is discussed for new solutions for the business needs. In this blog at, we are going to discuss AZ-303 and AZ-304 in […]

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Google App Engine

Overview Of Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a fully managed serverless platform for developing and hosting web applications at a scale. Users can choose from several popular languages, libraries, and frameworks to develop their applications and then App Engine takes care of provisioning servers and scaling app instances based on demand. It is a PaaS for building scalable […]

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AZ-303/AZ-304 vs AZ-104

AZ-303/AZ-304 VS AZ-104 | Microsoft Azure Architect V/S Azure Administrator

Curious to know which certification should you prefer while entering Cloud computing? In this blog at, we are going to Compare the most famous and adopted Certification AZ-104 and AZ-303/AZ-304, with all comparisons. In this blog we are going to cover the following topics: • Cloud architect certification • Cloud administration certification • Exam […]

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Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes Dashboard: An Overview, Installation, and Accessing

Most of us love the GUI based interactions rather than the old and boring CLI ones. Are you wondering if the K8s also has a GUI which makes our lives a lot easier? Yes, it does! Its called the Kubernetes Dashboard. The web-based console, which is a general-purpose UI made to look after the Cluster […]

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Terraform cheat sheet

Terraform Cheat Sheet

No more terror of commands! Terraform commands may seem intimidating at first if you are not used to using the terminal. Cheat sheets come in handy while you are still working on memorizing these commands. Check out this blog at where we have covered Terraform cheat sheet consisting of the most basic and widely […]

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Automate AWS Virtual Machine

Terraform: Automate AWS VM Creation Demo

Terraform is one of the most popular Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool used by DevOps teams to automate infrastructure tasks. It is used to automate the provisioning of your cloud resources. It supports multiple providers such as AWS, Azure, Oracle, GCP, and many more. To know how to create a Virtual machine on AWS in two different […]

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Google Compute Engine

Introduction To Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is Google’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtual machine offering. It allows customers to use virtual machines in the cloud as server resources instead of acquiring and managing server hardware. Google Compute Engine offers virtual machines running in Google’s data centers connected to the worldwide fiber network. The tooling and workflow offered by compute engine enable […]

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