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Chef Client Error

[Solved] “Error: Unable to Install Chef Client” While Running One-Click/Advanced Provisioning in EBS Cloud Manager: Oracle Cloud

📍 While provisioning EBS Environment using One-Click Or Advanced Provisioning in EBS Cloud Manager Console. Some of you might have faced the error: Unable to Install Chef Client during running Terraform Script. 📍 We also faced this error, so we have covered the high-level steps to troubleshoot this error. Looks Interesting? To get a high-level overview […]

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AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Amazon Web Service vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform: Key Difference Between Cloud Platforms

📍 The traditional way of hosting applications was very complicated and expensive. The amount of hardware and software resources needed to run them was very complex. With cloud computing, it’s easy to share resources over the internet. 📍 Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are the top 3 cloud giants in this […]

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DP-900 Day 2

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals [DP-900] Free Live Training | Day 2 Q/A Review

This blog post will discuss the summary of all the questions that were asked in our Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals [DP-900] Free Class (Day 2) on 22nd May 2021. The Azure DP-900 Certification is generally the first step for candidates who want to learn how various Azure data services help in easing the development of […]

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DP 900

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals [DP-900] Free Live Training | Day 1 Q/A Review

This blog post will give a quick insight into our Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals [DP-900] Free Class (Day 1) on 15th May 2021. The Azure DP- 900 Certification is taken by beginners in Azure Cloud who want to know the Azure services available for building data solutions. Microsoft Azure has a variety of data solutions […]

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Asynchronous Messaging Service

➤ Google Cloud Pub/Sub is an asynchronous messaging service that helps in decoupling services that produce events from services that process events. ➤ One can publish the message manually or watch the changes in Gmail using Gmail API and notify the user application on a real-time basis. ➤ Pub/Sub= Publisher Subscriber ➤ Pub/Sub model consists […]

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Kubernetes Operator

Kubernetes Operator: An Overview, Stateful and Stateless Applications

Kubernetes is the talk of the hour, needless to say, we all have realized the importance. Kubernetes’s idea was to automate stuff and reduce human intervention. 📎 Kubernetes Operator A Kubernetes operator is a method of packaging, deploying, and managing a K8s application. It is application-specific and extends the functionality of the Kubernetes API on […]

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PowerBI Data Modeling

Introduction to Data Modeling in Power BI

> Power BI Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics tool that turns data into insights. It is used by most companies to create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualization. > Data Modeling Data Modeling is the process of creating data models that define the structure, properties, and relation. A data model can be of […]

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Oracle Integration Cloud [1Z0-1042] Q/A | Day 1 Live Session Review

An integration specialist is responsible for developing strategic procedures and upgrades, improving network infrastructures, and managing systems configuration. Integration specialists analyze the system’s operation and its efficiency to support business functions and deliverables. This blog will share the Oracle Integration Cloud Day 1 Live session Review and FAQ. This will help you understand some core […]

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AWS IoT – Overview, Services, and Features For Beginners

Internet of Things (IoT) is a combination of physical devices implanted with software, sensors, and networks. IoT platforms can help businesses reduce cost through advanced process efficiency, asset usage, and productivity. AWS connects IoT devices to the cloud services and collects, store, analyse and exchange device data. It provides device software that can help you […]

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Azure Web APP

Azure Web App: Working, Features, And Steps to Create

 Azure Web App Azure Web App is the service that helps us in developing the user interactive, multi-functional, secured, scalable, and highly reliable application. It is a platform that helps host web applications by building, deploying, and running applications. Azure Web App comes under Platform-as-a-Service.  Deployment slot- reason for Azure Web App success […]

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