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Application Development Framework (ADF) VS Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Oracle offers two tools Application Development Framework (ADF) and Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) for developing responsive front-end applications. Read the blog at to know what is the difference between VBCS & ADF and which would one prefer over another. The blog covers: • Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) • Advantages VBCS of over […]

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Amazon Elastic File System

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS): Overview And Steps To Create

AWS Elastic File System is Amazon Web Services’ latest storage solution and is a fully managed, simple, and scalable file storage to use with EC2 instances. As the name suggests, it grows and shrinks automatically with your storage needs and EC2 instances can access EFS using NFS (v4.1), over multiple availability zones at low latency […]

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AWS Free Tier Account

Create AWS Free Tier Account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing 12 months of Free Tier account to new subscribers to get hands-on experience with all the AWS cloud services. Check out the blog at for a better understanding of how to create the AWS free tier account. In this blog, we will cover: – Amazon AWS Trail account […]

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Azure Policy

Azure Policy Compliance Check With Azure DevOps

When you use Azure Policy, resources stay compliant with your corporate standards and service level agreements. Policies can be applied to an entire subscription, a management group, or a resource group. Azure Policy helps you manage and prevent IT issues by using policy definitions that enforce rules and effects for your resources. Check out the […]

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Azure Support

[AZ-900] Azure Support Options

A production environment on the cloud is a recipe for disaster if the underlying support is not there, knowing which channels of support to access can be key to the uptime of your cloud environment. Check out our blog post of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Series(AZ-900) at to get an understanding of Azure Support […]

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AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate SAA-C02 Step By Step Activity Guides (Hands-On Labs)

Hands-On Activity Guides that you must perform in order to learn AWS Solution Architect Associate and clear AWS SAA-C02 certification exam. Read the blog to get a deep understanding of the AWS SAA-C02 certification exam at The blog covers: – AWS Free Tier Account – Exploring the AWS Management Console – AWS CLI and […]

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Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services (Overview & Type)

Azure Cognitive Services is an integral part of the AI services that helps in building effective and intelligent software applications. These are pre-made APIs that are available to developers to help them build software applications without having any direct machine learning or AI skills expertise. Want to know more about Azure Cognitive Services? Read the […]

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Chatbot service in azure

What Are ChatBot In Microsoft Azure And Steps To Create

A Bot is a common example where the integration of various Artificial Intelligent technologies & Machine Learning algorithms are used. We can integrate Azure cognitive services with Azure Bot Service to create a ChatBot interface of our requirement. Read the blog post to know more about ChatBot Service at Which covers: • Overview of […]

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Terraform Activity Guides

HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate-Step By Step Activity Guides

Terraform is a tool used to build an infrastructure safely and efficiently and to achieve that you must have a good knowledge of the Hands-On Labs of Terraform. Hands-on lab will help you to provide the infrastructure on the cloud(AWS, Azure, OCI), and also it will help you to clear Terraform Associate Certification. To know […]

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AWS Free Tier services

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Free Tier Account Services

In the AWS free tier account when you create a new AWS account you’re automatically signed up for the AWS Free Tier with a basic support Plan. AWS offers free tier services for 12 months with plenty of services and the usage is calculated varyingly depending on the services. It is important to know what […]

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