File Adapter Vs FTP Adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud

➤ Oracle provides Adapters that are developed based on JCA architecture which helps in integrating with the systems which are not exposed as services. In other words, Oracle File Adapters and FTP Adapters enable a mediator to exchange (read and write) files on local file systems and remote file systems (through the use of the file transfer protocol). The file contents can be XML and non-XML data formats.

➤ There are two types of Oracle Integration Cloud Adapters: File Adapter and FTP Adapter

➤ Oracle Integration Cloud offers two types of adapters File adapter and FTP adapter. These adapter helps to handle File-based processing in the integrations. Sometimes users get confused about when to use a File adapter and when to use the FTP adapter.

The blog – will cover:

✦ Introduction to File Adapter

✦ Introduction to FTP Adapter

✦ File Adapters and FTP Adapters Features

✦ Difference between File Adapter vs FTP Adapter

✦ Conclusion Planning to become a Certified Integration Expert With Oracle Integration Cloud Services?

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