Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Adapters

➤ What is OIC?

Oracle Integration Cloud refers to the cloud-based integration between various applications and services. It allows integrating multiple technologies with the oracle cloud applications, resulting in better application management and more features.

➤ What is OIC Adapters?

The word Adapter generally means something that adapts or converts incompatible information into compatible information for the end-users. Adapters in the cloud is a program that controls the transfer of information between users and a cloud.

➤ Some OIC Adapter Types

✯ Technology Adapters – REST Adapter, SOAP Adapter

✯ HCM/HRMS Adapters – SAP Adapter, HCM Adapter

✯ Social Adapters – Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn Adapter

✯ Ecommerce Adapters – SAP Commerce, PayPal Adapter

➤ This blog will cover the following topics

✯ Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

✯ What is OIC Adapters?

✯ Advantages of OIC Adapters

✯ Types of OIC Adapters

✯ Conclusion

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