Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration using Autoconfig for Outbound Processing

I remember, 30th July 2006 is the first day Atul started blogging with his first post  

In past 2 years, there is tremondous reponse from viewers from all over the world. I would like to congratulate and wish him all the best on this great occasion.

 Today I want to post the Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration using Autoconfig for Outbound Processing in 11i. Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer is a Java Program, which is used to send e-mails and recive responses through e-mails for workflow notification system. Internally it is done through JavaMail API. If your workflow users want to get workflow notification mails, you need to configure workflow notification Mailer. Normally I have seen everybody configuring the same from Workflow Mailer Configuration Wizard using Oracle Application Manager. But Here I want to post simple procedure configuring the same using Autoconfig.

Note: If you are going to configure only one Workflow Notification Mailer and having smtp server running on default Port Number 25, then the following procedure is simple to configure. If it is not, then you have to configure Workflow Notification Mailer using Mailer Configuration Wizard using OAM.

If you configure through Mailer configuration wizard through OAM, Autoconfig overwrites its configuration. Because By default Autoconfig Context file contains smtp server name as Application Tier Hostname/Concurrent Manager Node Hostname. When you run autoconfig, it overwrites the smtp server hostname what you have configured through OAM with the value in Autoconfig Context File. I feel the following is the simple procedure to follow, which worked for me.(1) Take backup of existing Autoconfig Context Filelogin as APPLMGR User

$cd $APPL_TOP/admin

$cp <SID>_<hostname>.xml <SID>_<hostname>.xml.orig

(2) Edit the Autoconfig Context file with SMTP server name

$vi <SID>_<hostname>.xml

search for smtp and give smtp server details

s_smtphost ==> SMTP Server Host Name

s_smtpdomainname ==> SMTP Server Domain Name

Note: Above Same procedure can also be done by editing above context variables

in OAM > Site Map > System Configuration> Applications Autoconfig Context File

(3) Run the autoconfig

$cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/<SID>_<hostname>


(4) Bounce the Apache Service

$cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/<SID>_<hostname>

$sh stop apps/<apps password>

$sh start apps/<apps passwod>

(4) Start the following workflow Concurrent Managers

If the following Concurrent Managers are not activated or started before, activate and srart them

(a) Workflow Agent Listener Service

This is the seeded Workflow Notification Mailer Service component belongs to a container named Workflow Agent Listener Service

(b) Workflow Mailer Service

This is also seeded agent listener service component required for Workflow Mailer Processing

The above Services can be started using

(1) Using OAM > Site MAP > Wofkflow > Home > Service Components


(2) Using System Administrator Responsibility > Concurrent > Manager > Administer

That’s the procedure I did it and configured successfully workflow Notification Mailer. 


(1) Oracle Workflow Adminstrator’s Guide

(2) Oracle Workflow User’s Guide

(3) Note:313954.1 Autoconfig Overwriting The SMTP Server Name For The Java Mailer

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james_mathew says August 1, 2008

How to make sure after configuring the Workflow Mailer , it does not send all the previous notification ?

Atul says August 1, 2008

As mentioned in post

Workflow mailer sends emails only if
a) Notification status is OPEN or CANCELED and
b) Notification mail_status is MAIL or INVALID and
c) Recipient Role has a valid e-mail address and Notification Preference is in the format MAIL%
d) Workflow Deferred Agent Listener is running
e) Workflow Notification Mailer is running

If you donot want to send any previous notification
mail_status in table wf_notifications for all such notification to SENT .

Please try this on test first.

james_mathew says August 1, 2008

Thanks a lot.

SubbaRao says August 1, 2008

Hi James,

If you dont want to get the previous notifications in mail,find out the notifications which are waiting to be mailed.

issue the following query as apps user.

SQL> select notification_id, status, mail_status, begin_date
where status = ‘OPEN’ and mail_status = ‘MAIL’;

The above query will show you the notification which are in waiting to be mailed.

If you dont want to get those notifications in mail, set MAIL_STATUS=’SENT’

sql> update WF_NOTIFICATIONS set mail_status = ‘SENT’ where mail_status = ‘MAIL’;

Once you set the mail status as ‘SENT’, Notification mailer will not pick up these records.

Hope the above helps.

Good Luck.


Atul says August 1, 2008

Hi SubbaRao,
I am surprised that you remember dates. Thanks a lot for your wishes.

SubbaRao says August 2, 2008

Thank you Atul.

ursvenkat says December 12, 2008


I need to change workflow from address..

I will explain every thing.

This is my current workflow mail.
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2008 5:14:43 PM
To: Danny Cho
Subject: Action Required: Message for Testing Notification Mailer Auto forwarded by a Rule

I want to remove the From: workflow Mailer and replace our custom name. Please help me on this.

Quick reply is appriciated.


Kumar says December 31, 2008

Hi Autul,

when Iam trying to start WF it is showing as

Name Actul Target
Workflow Agent Listener Service 0 1
Workflow Mailer 0 1
Workflow Mailer Service 0 1


Kumar says December 31, 2008

When iam checking APPLCSF/logs iam getting following error, please help me

status=Running, de
buglevel= Error Done.wferr:

Kumar says December 31, 2008

Application Object Library: Concurrent Processing version 11.5

Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer Concurrent Manager started : 31-DEC-2008 18:42:26


cpid=741379, logfile=/oraprod/oracle/finprdcomn/
WFMAILER741379.txtparams=, status=Running, de
buglevel= Error Done.wferr:

Atul Kumar says January 2, 2009

It seems you are trying to start WF from administer concurrent manager screen.

Use OAM to start/stop WF

check metalink note # 405485.1 WFXXX_DB_CONNECT CODE=1017 CONNECT=Apps when Trying to Start Workflow Mailer

Priya says March 5, 2009

I have a requirement where i need to supress mails been sent from a particular item type.
Hence i would like to know if its possible to update the mail status immmediately to SENT for that particualr notification?
AS in once the workflow returns to my code just after sending the notification i am updating the status. WIll the window between these two events let the mailer pick up the reords and send them?

Thanks a lot

Shipa says June 9, 2009


I have a requirement to send output of concurrent request via mail.

Now when I set a notifcation its coming as url

Request number 12558616 (Active Users) completed at 09:23:25 on
09-JUN-09 with a status of Normal. This request was submitted by SYSADMIN. The report may be viewed at the following URL :

I would like to get detailed output in the mail.

I am sure it was coming for some other clients.

But I am not sure what configuration changes are required for this setting.

I changed the Preference and tried out ..but was not working.

Any clue?


SubbaRao says June 9, 2009


There is a metalink note, can you check and see if it helps, I did not try this before.

How To Send Concurrent Request Output via Email?


wkdn6c says July 13, 2009

Hi Recently change the IMAP server name through OAM. Since then Workflow mailer start to play up. We do cold backup. After the cold back Notification mailer does not start autometically. So every morning we have to start it manually. Once start it stays up all day till the next backup start.

I ran statement level trace, could not find anything unusual.

Any idead?


Pradeep says June 4, 2010

Edit the configuration

Workflow Notification mailer –> edit –>. change configuration to automatic startup for IMAP server

umair says June 15, 2010

Hi atul
i have already activated the notification mailer but how can i set email-address to send mail to user.i want to send mail to hotmail account.notification mailer is in running mode

Ashish says September 19, 2012

Hi Subba Rao,

I am working on Linux servers and I have to daily check the server status by entering commands manually like df -h , prstat etc.

I just want to know that Is it possible that these stats can be shown on the GUI page in real time so without logic into server. So i can monitor these stats on GUI.

Please advise me the possibilities I am waiting for your reply. 🙂

Thanks and Regards,
Ashish Agrawal

ravi.k says February 16, 2014

Hello experts,

I have recently started my career as a Apps DBA, I have a few doubts regarding workflow mailer in EBS R12.

1. From which node workflow mailer service does send the mails to users, is that from conc node or SMTP server node?

2.Does the “notify” option(submit request form) not work if the Workflow mailer is not setup ?
3. can the workflow mailer send the emails outside of the company network ?

4. does workflow mailer uses Unix command “mail” or some oracle utility to send emails ?

Please clarify my doubts….

Thnks in advance

ravi.k says February 17, 2014

Please somebody answer my doubts..?

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