How to update Workflow Administrator Role in Oracle Applications 11i/R12

If you want to see workflow details (owned by other users) or status diagram in Oracle Applications 11i/R12 then you should belong to one of responsibilities/user listed under WF_ADMIN_ROLE.

By default (in 11i & R12) this role is set to user sysadmin (In old versions 11.5.8 or prior, it used to set to *)

If you wish to change WF_ADMIN_ROLE, as per most of metalink notes either

1. Change it via Workflow Administrator Web Applications responsibility (Login as sysadmin >> Workflow Administrator Web Applications >> Administration)

or update table
2. SQL> update wf_resources set text=’&Enter_Admin_Name’ where name=’WF_ADMIN_ROLE’;

to set it to everyone, use
SQL> update wf_resources set text=’*’ where name=’WF_ADMIN_ROLE’;

Problem with above solution
– Execution of Autoconfig will override above settings. Autoconfig will pick value against parameter s_wf_admin_role (default value SYSADMIN) from context file $CONTEXT_FILE

Correct way to set Workflow Administrator Role

1. First identify Workflow Role Name associated with User or Responsibility.

A. For setting Admin Role to specific user
SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘&USER_NAME’  and ORIG_SYSTEM=’FND_USR’;

B. For setting it to a responsibility (so that all users with that responsibility can view other user’s Workflow)
SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘&Responsibility_Name’ and ORIG_SYSTEM=’FND_RESP’;

SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘System Administrator‘;  (output for System Administrator responsibility should look like)FND_RESP|SYSADMIN|SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR|STANDARD

SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘Application Developer‘; (output for Application Developer responsibility should look like)

2. Update context file ($CONTEXT_FILE) variable s_wf_admin_role (If you don’t see this parameter in context file then apply latest Autoconfig Patch) to value from above query

For Sysadmin User – Set it to SYSADMIN

For System Administrator Responsibility – Set it to

For Application Developer Responsibility – Set it to FND_RESP|FND|APPLICATION_DEVELOPER|STANDARD 

3. Run Autoconfig
$OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ (11i)


  • Note 453137.1 Oracle Workflow Best Practices Release 12 and Release 11i
  • Note 358090.1  Workflow Administrator Field Become Uneditable after Selecting System Administrator Responisibility
  • Bug 4185567– Wf System administrator Field Become Uneditable after selecting System Administrator

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Thiago B. says December 9, 2010


Is it possible to have the wf_admin_role granted to more than one responsibility at a time? for system administrators, Workflow Administrator Event Manager responsibility, for instance?

AppsDBA says April 20, 2011

Dear Atul,

I want to change the value of oa_var=”s_wfhost” entry in my application context_file. In OAM this field is greyed out so that no one can edit it.
Can I directly edit this to point to my mail-server? Because whenever I reboot the server, the “outbound server host” value in workflow mailer configuration, has changed to the name of application server. But, that’s not the server where smtp server is running. Everytime, I have to change this field to point my smtp server. My questions are:
1. Where the workflow mailer program is picking the value for “outbound server host”?
2. If it is picking the value from context file, then it is ok to change the value of oa_var=”s_wfhost” entry ?
3. The value of oa_var=”s_wfhost” entry is %s_wfhost%. Even the OAM context file editor is also representing this value. Where the value of this variable is defined? in Environment file ? I’ve searched the whole context file, it’s not there.
Kindly advise.
Sundar K

Atul Kumar says April 25, 2011

@ AppsDBA,
Is this 11i or R12 ? I can’t see this variable in my environment (I have 12.1.1)

Q: Because whenever I reboot the server, the “outbound server host” value in workflow mailer configuration, has changed to the name of application server.

A: Could you please confirm that you mean after running autoconfig and not server reboot.

In 12.1.1 SMTP server name is defined by context variable s_smtphost so feel free to change this variable (try first from OAM – application manager)

Abhijit Ray says May 1, 2012

Thanks Atul. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Brian Wheeler says October 17, 2012

Good article. Thanks.

Jmbyamukama says February 7, 2013

Thank you.
I found the information very helpful.
I was able to clarify a number of issues regarding workflow administration.

ganesh babu says March 27, 2013

Hi Athul,

we found that the current administrator for Workflow in the 11i instances was SYSADMIN user only.
but the display name was set to “Some_USer_Name”.

Can we change DISPLAY_NAME with SYSADMIN.

Please suggest us if we can update in the wf_roles table using update commann or from front end..

Thanks in advnace.

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