OPA / OPM (Haleys Office Rules) version 10 now available

Oracle Policy Automation

OPA – Oracle Policy Automation (server side)
OPM – Oracle Policy Modelling (client side)

Oracle Policy Automation (earlier Haley Office Rules) version 10 is now available to download from http://edelivery.oracle.com

For new features in version 10 follow release notes (included with software).


OPA Component

Oracle Policy Automation Suite consists of three main components


1. Oracle Policy Modelling– is client side utility to generate rules using Microsoft Work, Excel, Visio 

2. Oracle Policy Automation– is run time component (server side) available as .NET or Java . rules developed using OPM are deployed to OPA. OPA consists of following sub-component

2.1 Web Determinations
2.2 Determinations Server
2.3 Determinations Engine
2.4 Determinations Engine for Mobile Devices
2.5 Determinations Engine Data Source Connector

3. OPA connector for Siebel – provides data mapping facility Siebel and Rules and integration with Siebel workflows to contact Determinations Server for Decisions.

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Khaled Elkouz says December 21, 2011

Dear Atul,

I have installed OPA,OPM,and the connector and connected them to Siebel. Yet, I am having some problems with the Architecture of the solution.

Oracle describes the installation of the OPA Siebel connector as of it is installed on a separate machine. I have tried that and and was not successful in running the connector.

Have you tried out this product, if yes, can you provide me with a basic architecture of the number of servers required including Siebel’s?

Many Thanks,

ven ruiz says May 7, 2013

OPA Trainning needed? can anybody provide?

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