Oracle Policy Automation / Modeling (earlier Haley Office Rules / Determination)

Oracle Policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation is product from Haley  (earlier Ruleburst) which empowers business users to translate legislation and policy into automated business rules using natural language.

Oracle acquired Haley in Oct. 2008 and released it with new name Policy Automation and Modelling (but with same functionality)

This post covers brief overview of Oracle Policy Automation & Oracle Policy Modelling and its corresponding product with Haley.


1. Oracle Policy Modeling (OPM) – (under Haley it was Haley Office Rules) empowers business users to create business rules via Microsoft Office tools like word, excel, visio. Business users could use Oracle Policy Modelling to deploy business rules to determination services.

2. Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) – (Under Haley it was Haley Determination Services) is runtime environment for Business Rules created using Oracle Policy Modeling. OPA (Oracle Policy Automation) includes Oracle Determinations Server (Haley Determination Server), Oracle Determinations Engine (Haley Determinations Engine) and Oracle Web Determinations (Haley Interactive)

3. Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel & SAP – To integrate Siebel CRM or SAP with OPA

4. Oracle Policy Automation for Mobile Devices

Software Download

Download Software from edelivery : Select a Product Pack – Oracle Policy Automation (v9.4) Media Pack   and download  Haley Determination Services 2008 v9.4.1

Note* Oracle Policy Automation (Haley Rules Office) is different from Oracle Business Rules (part of Oracle Fusion Middleware) 

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